Teenage Pregnancies and Completing School

1708x910_whyitmatters-01_1Nearly 1 million teens have babies every year, and of these almost 7 out of 10 will drop out of school before completing high school. Less than 2 percent of teen moms go on to get a college degree.

80% of women who have babies when they are teens spend at least part of their life dependent on welfare, and they have serious disadvantages in achieving financial success and independence in life, largely due to their lack of education.

Their children are also less likely to succeed in school and financially. Finishing school as a mom, where possible, attending trade school or college will increase the opportunities for teen moms and their children.


With all the stress students face over assignments in school, imagine doing that while living in poverty, now take that image and add being pregnant.

Teenage pregnancy is simply a factor of teenage girls who live in poverty. This is a reason because these women cannot always afford birth control methods that many people are privileged to have. Insurance plans do not always cover contraceptive methods leading to unsafe sex and teenage pregnancies.

Because these women live in poverty, getting supplies such as condoms and pregnancy test can be an obstacle. Getting abortions or having contraceptive methods can be even more of a hassle because of the expense that these individuals may not have.

Another factor associated with teenage pregnancies in areas of poverty include single parents making it even more challenging to not only support themselves but also their child. Being pregnant as a teenager makes women mature faster because of the reality check of the situation.

Efforts have been made to stop teenage pregnancies due to the fact that it can completely alter someone’s life.

16 and Pregnant‘ and ‘Teen Mom‘ are reality TV shows that showcase examples of many different females who have gotten pregnant in high school and how it has and continues to change their life. These teenage girls are not always in relationships with their partner and have to decide what is best for their baby.

These options can sometime include continuing school while their parent takes care of the child or even putting their child up for adoption. This reality TV show has a spinoff to show how these teens are doing currently (a few years after having their children) and the results are stunning. Not many of these women completed high school nor college because they were busy taking care of their children.



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