Sex Ed: Are Teachers Doing Their Jobs?

“Just Don’t Have Sex”

This is a term many teenagers hear from parents, teachers, and other authoritative figures throughout high school, but is it that easy?

Many teens don’t stay abstinent through high school, like they are advised to. Some high school administrators understand this and take proper measures to educate their students on sex, the reproductive system, and the possible dangers that come with unprotected sex. Going to a public school with a high budget, I was educated on these topics from a young age, but other schools did not.

A friend of mine who went to an all-boy’s catholic school in Long Island, New York, said ,

“Going to an all boys school, our teachers did not regard the female reproductive system or other methods of contraception besides abstinence.”

This is a larger issue, because even in high income areas, teens are not being properly educated before coming to college, where all types of sex are commonplace.

Lower-income areas are where sex-ed seems to be lacking the most. One study found that ” young people who received no sex education tended to be black, from low-income, non intact families and rural areas”

There are other forms of contraception besides condoms, such as birth control pills, Intrauterine Devices, Implants, and patches. In school, all I was informed on were condoms, birth control pills, and abstinence. Although I was educated on the subject of sex, reproductive systems and STD’s, contraception was a topic that was seldom talked about, and never expanded upon. The two most common forms of contraception are some of the least effective as well. When used correctly, birth control pills are 99% effective. The problem with this, is that it is subject to user error very easily, with women missing pills on a semi-regular basis. Correct condom use has a 98% success rate, but more often than not, condoms are not being stored properly and break during sex.

Another topic that should be addressed is that not all sex is vaginal. Sex can be between men and women, two men, or two women. Anal and oral sex are a part of teenagers lives as well, and should be spoken about. As of 2011, Public schools in New York City were informing their students on these acts, as well as porn, phone sex, and even bestiality. This is a great thing, as sex is a natural human interaction that every person will encounter at some point in their life, whether it be with a man or woman.

These subjects are not being taught well enough in most high schools. Administrators and even parents need to accept the fact that their teenagers are most likely engaging in sexual activity of some sort.

Youtuber Michael Rizzi agrees on the subject:


There are also multiple websites that educate about sex. Some posts tweets like these:

These posts also agree that sex education needs to be focussed on more heavily in schools across America and other countries. Hopefully one day, all schools will have a set Sex-Education curriculum, so our future teens know what to do in sexual situations.

In my podcast, I speak to another friend, Timmy who had a specifically unique experience regarding sexual education


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