Nothing to Show for Their Success: U.S. Women’s Soccer

USA v New Zealand: Women's Football - Olympics: Day -2

“We feel like we’re treated like second-class citizens because they don’t care as much about us as they do the men.” –Carli Lloyd


Starting out with The Book of the City of Ladies, written by Christine de Pizan in 1405, gender equality has been one of the most prevalent issues for 60+ years. As it is natural and easy to say that the ideology that society puts on the importance of women has changed over the years, in which it has, however, similar indecencies and  actions are still taken upon women today. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, female workers make about $.80 for every $1 a male makes. If that doesn’t speak for itself, nothing will.

Now, yes, the direct gender inequality is absurdly high, however, it get’s worse.

While clearly there is a large pay gap with women overall, the numbers only get worse as the woman’s race changes. Almost making half that of all men, Latina women are being hit the hardest. Simply being a women in America is difficult, but being a Latina women is even more difficult.

Now, many may believe as the transition of gender equality shifts to professional sports the gap would decrease, but that is not the case at all. Focusing directly towards the U.S. Women’s National Team, with an extremely impessive 3 World Cup titles and 4 Olympic Champions, the gender pay gap is 100% as recognizable as it is in the workplace.

While we all grew up, society teaches everybody one thing, hard work turns into success, which then turns into money. Yes, many are taught that money doesn’t mean anything, but when your male counterparts are doing less and making more, there is a clear problem. Like stated in the video above by the women’s soccer players, the women’s team has brought in $17 million, while the men have actually lost $2 million, but are still making more money. Makes sense to me!!

Although England’s women’s national team has not been as successful as the U.S.’s in recent years, this tweet truly shows the inequality in women, women’s sports, and specifically women’s soccer.

To still view women as simply “mothers, partners and daughters” is a disgrace and in no way shows the true value that women have today. From an early age, girls are born and are looked at as more vulnerable, feminine people, which is generally true; but the problem here is that vulnerability and level of femininity should not be the reason women are making on average 20% less than men, if not more.

Actions must be taken or else change will never be seen. The role of women in society has changed and become more equal, however, with a large pay gap and large sexist group of individuals in America today (including the new POTUS) not a lot will change. If women can eventually be treated more equally, pay and other inequalities will slowly but surely even out.



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