The Shadows of Foster Care

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Where would we be without our parents? They have loved and nurtured us since birth.  They taught us right from wrong and have guided us down the paths we are on today.  Who would you call if you got in trouble or if you missed home? Imagine not having that stability that parents provide.  That is the life of a foster child.

So, how do children come into foster care? There are several ways a child can be taken away from their families due to maltreatment or neglect.  According to the AFCARS report in 2014 there were about 415,000 children in foster care in 2014.

And only about 1/3 of foster care kids go back to their biological parents.  Imagine how difficult that is knowing that your biological mom and dad can’t take care of you and perhaps not even your extended family could take in the child so they are placed with random people for a short amount of time.

Now imagine coming out of a household of neglect and being put in a foster home that is more like a children farm. This house would have lots of kids running around the house and the foster parent pays little attention to the children.  These are people who make a job out of being a foster parent, they are only in it to get a check.  Their business is “Kids for Cash”.

Not every state has a foster child bill of rights that can protect the child from harm.  Virginia is one of them.  In fact Virginia does not have as many laws as some other states to protect the children. In a study done on children in foster care in Washington State and Oregon one third of the children reported being abused at one point while being in the foster care system.

So why should you care?

This is a national issue.  It has happened in states all across America, such as Oregon and New York.


Take a look at this video to see what bystanders did when they saw a foster child being treated poorly.

What would you do? That answer would vary from person to person but there are several options to choose. Click the link in the tweet!

Someone you know may have been a foster child and or someone you know may know someone going through this process. This is children we are talking about.  They are the future.  As a society it is our obligation that our future generations to help them in any way we can.

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