Everyone has a Right to an Education

Why is it that people migrate from other countries to come to the United States of America? Some of these people come from areas of chaos or low quality of life and want nothing more than a better life. But how does one achieve a better life? Through a good job but in order to obtain one, you need a good education, usually postsecondary.

Many are unaware of the many struggles that immigrants have to deal with on a daily basis when trying to make a life worth living here in America. These people come from other places that have a different culture, language, and systems. When coming to America, they are exposed to a new way of living, a new culture, and a new language.3

Although many aspire to go to school and get an education so that they are able to obtain a good job and earn a good living, people face complications through discrimination, language barriers, lack of knowledge, lack of support, previous education, and pressure. First and second-generation immigrants often have a much more difficult time in pursuing a postsecondary education. First-generation immigrants refer to those who are foreign-born and relocated to America, while second-generation immigrants are their children.

Many immigrants face discrimination in different forms. Physically, people assault immigrants while others segregate themselves from them. Verbally, discrimination is present through racist jokes along with rude and hateful comments. Although some may feel that the things they say are jokes, they don’t realize that what they’re saying can affect and hurt another person. On the other hand, rude and hateful comments are purposely filled with negativity that can really affect someone. Immigrants have heard comments on how they don’t belong in America, that they need to go back to their country, what they’re good for, and how they won’t make it.

A tweet came out about Pope Francis’s view on how immigrants and refugees aren’t  our enemies, and another Twitter account responded with “Immigration is crime, it disturbs lives of people and communities. It disturbs quality education at our schools. It brings rape, murder…,” showing verbal abuse towards immigrants. These actions display the type of negative opinions about immigration that disrupt what America stands for while hurting immigrants.

Language barriers increases the inability to communicate and exchange information, increasing the difficulty to gain knowledge. Because someone speaks another language, it doesn’t mean that they’re dumb, just that they cannot relay information to or from others. It’s hard to come across information essential for better opportunities. It’s also difficult for people to have the support from their families when they aren’t understanding of what’s going on. Some others have families that put a lot of pressure on them to do certain things.

All of these factors make it difficult for first and second-generation immigrants to achieve post-secondary education as opposed to others in America.


Americans need to be more accepting and help immigrants obtain a better life through education and jobs.




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