Encouraging a Natural High


To all of you sports players, I’m sure you’ve experienced this feeling- an adrenaline rush. But, what is it exactly? It’s a natural high, making you feel unstoppable, unbreakable, and unbeatable.  It’s an excitable state, a feeling of invincibility and an overpowering rush of energy. Its natural and get this, legal too! Sports offer not only this natural high, but also an opportunity to make important relationships along the way. Your teammates become your best friends, they become your family and help push you to your limits. It becomes an unbreakable bond, a friend forever.

In high school, students have the opportunity to get involved in so many different things, both legal and illegal. However, as many school’s lack funding for sports teams, the programs begin to get cut. A school without sports, well that’s just asking for trouble. Without an adrenaline high, students may depend on other highs like illegal drugs. Without special relationships with teammates, students may not understand what a reliable and trustworthy friend is. Sports offer more to students than just fun, they offer valuable life lessons. Learning to lose, learning to help your teammates, learning to work for your goals, and learning what it feels like to win. Lessons like these are important for adolescents to learn, and without them, they’ll be lost. Just look at what football has done for the boys of Damascus High School in the following video:

Unfortunately, most high school students never have the chance to experience this feeling- glory. Whether they lack the funding or not, high schools need to reinforce the importance of sports and what they have to offer. Working as a team helps students develop social skills, gain collaborative experience and leadership skills that are essential in the world outside of high school. Although teachers do their best to teach students in the classroom about these life skills, it’s usually more effective if learned on the field. The national women’s soccer teams famous quote is “strong alone, unstoppable together.” They push each other to be the best, even when they’re about to give up.

While teachers emphasize academics, it’s about time they emphasize sports too. Allow students to explore and express themselves, whether it be through sports or academics, it doesn’t matter. It’s important for teachers to know that some students weren’t born to be the next Einstein or the next Benjamin Franklin, but instead maybe they were born to be the next Alex Morgan or Eli Manning.

Let’s not completely discredit teachers though, because in some ways they are right. Academics are very important and offer bountiful amounts of knowledge to students and play an important role in student’s lives. However, the point I am trying to make is this: at times, teachers need to encourage sport involvement alongside with academics. Encourage students to be involved in both, and not pick one for them. Right now, the schools are picking one or the other for students, resulting in the disappearance of sports teams. Unless teachers start putting more emphasis on the importance of sports, schools will continue cutting the programs because they’ll think they aren’t as important.


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