Lets talk about sex

Lets talk about sex. Specifically , lets talk about sexual education and the conservative stance on how it should be taught. Depending on your state’s laws, you’ve received one of two lessons in your life. One lesson teaches abstinence, and the other teaches teens how to have safe sex . If you’re pro comprehensive sex-ed you might be wondering why conservatives are major supporters of abstinence based sex-ed. Some support it because of their religious beliefs or the belief that if they teach students not to have sex,teens will listen and actually refrain from having sex. Pam Stenzel , an example of an  advocate for abstinence , goes around schools teaching students why they shouldn’t have sex. Her method involves thoroughly discussing sexual transmitted diseases.fa6e8d4c76c5cbea82b86465c470278d.jpg

You might be wondering, how many states actually require sex-ed anyways? If it’s required, what kind of requirements exist? You’ll be surprised to discover that less than half of Americas 50 states require it. In the first image, the amount of states that don’t require sexual education are shown.sexedmapsupdate1

The next image shows the baffling reality of  the number of states that don’t even require medical accuracy!sexedmaps3

Lastly, this final image presents states that require information ONLY on abstinence.


One of these states, Mississippi, doesn’t allow teachers to educate students on how to use condoms. In fact, Mississippi was rated #2 in teen birth rates. Even though teaching restrictions exist, such as Mississippi’s condom lesson ban, some teachers have found loop holes in teaching this curriculum. Sex-ed teacher, Sanford Johnson, discovered a way to teach his students how to use a condom without breaking any of Mississippi’s laws. This method involved a witty sock analogy.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 10.02.04 PM.png

There have also been reports that teenage girls are taught that the more they have sex the more worthless, and unappealing they become.Teenage girls are feeling worthless because they have sex, and  some teens aren’t even learning the right information about sex . When Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped and raped something that haunted her thoughts during and after her captivity, was her teachers lesson on sex.  Her teacher taught her that if she had sex a lot, she would be like an old chewed up piece of gum that no longer had a taste or value. This proved to have serious consequences  when she revealed that she didn’t try to escape because of her belief that nobody would want her now that she was that piece of gum.John Oliver discusses Smarts situation and looks at  how the system of sexual education is broken , and why its essential that it gets mended immediately.

It’s important to remember that what happened to Smart can happen to anyone. It can happen to you,a relative or even a friend. That’s why it’s important that teens are taught how to have safe sex, if these choose to have it. It’s also essential that teens are aware that their worth doesnt decrease in any way just because they’ve had sex one or more times.


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