The Secret Behind Victoria’s Secret

Super Bowl Ads Dont OffendWith 1,164 stores worldwide in 2015, its seems safe to say that you’ve been into or walked past a Victoria’s Secret store at your local mall. With that being said, I’m sure you’ve seen their branding images or at least are aware of what the company is known for. Images of flawless-looking models, like the iconic Candice Swanepoel, wearing lingerie are sported all over your local retailer.

But have you ever watched a Victoria’s Secret model strutting the runway at the annual fashion show and thought, Wow she’s perfect?  Ever walk past the store at the mall and catch a glimpse of a seemingly flawless “Angel” and want to be like her in some way? Her hourglass proportions, her smooth pair, her pearly smile, her toned body…Get the image?acredesign-delivery-lp-hero-5_26

You are not alone if you’ve ever compared yourself to one of these “perfect” models. Here’s the catch: that perfect looking model does not look like herself. One might even say the models themselves even compare their own bodies to the bodies they see on VS billboards and in the lingerie retailer’s advertisements. She does not have a body that is that proportioned, hair that is that frizz-free, or abs that are that toned. The secret to Victoria’s Secret lies in their photo editing. Victoria’s Secret helps to enforce the ideal body image that isn’t even attainable to the models themselves.

The fact that Victoria’s Secret edits their advertisements shouldn’t be news to anyone. What doesn’t make sense, though, is why the public continues to feed into their game and purchase their products. As a result of these advertisements, Victoria’s Secret profits enormously from capitalizing on the insecurities of women. They do this by essentially luring them to purchase the advertised products so that the consumer can make themselves feel more like the models shown and better about their own bodies. However, only 5% of the country is even able to obtain a body structure like these models. Therefore, the consumer is purchasing a never-ending line of products to fulfill a body image issue that cannot resolve their current insecure mindset. It is safe to say that due to the media, an unrealistic body image is coveted by the average contemporary women of today. This fact directly affects both the emotional and physical health of women.

During the fashion show it’s interesting to note the amount of body comparisons that take place among women on social media, particularly Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 1.21.18 PM.png
Clearly, you are not alone if you’ve ever glanced at an image from Victoria’s Secret and made some type of comparison to yourself. It’s important to remember that all women and all body types are beautiful!


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