Are there signs of major inequality or is your major putting you in an unequal situation?

Have you ever went a day without using technology at all, and couldn’t figure out how to complete a task? It’s more than okay to admit that people are becoming addicted to technology . Well the day is coming soon whether you or our country likes it or not! We young adults choose technology based majors in the hope of making big bucks and not having to struggle later in life. Times have changed in the world, now a days everything is completed through on technology and people are so dependent on mobile devices.

The input and effort needed to create  useful technology takes many resources to accomplish. Anyone would want to choose a major that a university provides more funding to because that’s more appealing.  While in most universities around the country you see more science and engineering programs getting most of the Of course someone would choose the field that has more resources and opportunity,but not everyone takes advantage of this when choosing a major. From the research that has been conducted many people believe that only smart students  utilize these resources.

While honestly it’s all about looking in depth and making a good decision on what career path you want to choose. Technology will continue push our country in the right direction if we change the way people learn about making decisions. Everyone must know that all the technology being created is bettering us as a whole. The reason for many students making inconsiderate decisions is because the fear of failure. Universities are trying to advocate to move the decision of choosing a major to the sophomore year.

According to Penn State University most first year students won’t be prepared for the first year transitional phase. Students will become flustered with the workload of the courses and then start to think why they even choose that major. Parents and family members should take notes from the article about the  influences on teens choosing their college majors. Everyone will listen to what their support system has to say about their decision, but ultimately it comes down to you! Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you think can benefit your academic success. Making these decisions later in life doesn’t mean it is to late to change you’re life around.

By Michael Milken explaining that it’s not all about well your business is doing, but about acquiring human capital as you grow within that business or major. All this decision making may seem overwhelming for young students, but what a person has to do is make the most out of the time spent in this situation which would be choosing a major. The whole state of inequality among choosing  majors will continue to grow in multiple directions until everyone collectively knows what they can do with their major if it doesn’t come out the way they expect. Direction meaning in all different aspects of how inequality could spread. Seen in gender roles on jobs, pay grade for government workers, and many more.                       Image result for economic inequality

We mainly see liberal arts majors seem to struggle economically later in life, so you must find ways to market yourself after already acquiring that degree. Well if we all acquire some degree there should be some chance of making nearly equal pay definitely if in the same field. Everyone who plans on continuing their academic career should live under the moral standard that even when you get knocked down you have to get back up.If the possibility of you not being able to recover always think of alternatives. Learn from your mistakes and teach the people surrounding you what you learned, so that nobody will make the same mistakes twice. We can all make a change in the level of inequality among gender or economic standing by sitting down with that student who is struggling on making the right decision in choosing a major. If we want to see equality in the future in the way income is distributed it starts here!


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