Millennials are addicted to science and it’s sorta Bill Nye’s fault.

If you are reading this you are probably a millennial and you probably remember the line, “Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Nye the Science Guy.” I am too and I sure do. We think science is cool and interesting, and we work our butts off to get an education, often in a scientific field. Since our early days of watching television, many of us have been exposed to some sort of science on TV and it was probably really interesting. Hint hint, “Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill…”

I remember watching the Discovery Channel as a kid. Mythbusters was pretty awesome and it always made me curious. Once in a while I’d switch the channel to NatGeo (National Geographic) and watch some interesting show on the Earth, or space, or who knows what! Yeah, I was a nerd, that’s pretty obvious, but i’m sure most kids watched this type of programing at least once or twice. You know how I know? Bill Nye the Science Guy was shown is science classes all over the country. I saw him as early as elementary school!


Look at that face. He’s obviously ready for a fight.

Speaking of Bill, lately he’s gotten into fighting for climate change action. Pretty cool right? As millennials, thats the biggest issue facing our future because it will directly impact us. No other generation has been as aware of our carbon footprint as we are and no other generation has been as willing to take action as we are.

Back to Mr. Nye. Bill made science easy to understand, interesting, and fun. Because of this, many of or interests in science were sparked. It also opened our minds to receiving scientific information in the future.

In a blog, similar to the one i’m writing here, Nye is described as a kind-of role model. In that blog titled, Millennials F***ing Love Science, and Here’s Why, Matt Heller, editor in chief of the GBreif states, “Most Millennials pursuing a job or degree in STEM can thank Mr. Nye for first introducing them to the wonders of how stuff works.”

We have a tendency to remember positive things from our childhood and Bill was cool. We liked Bill. Bill was funny and interesting and so was science, because of him. Because of our affinity to science as a result of positive first exposure, we take it to heart and listen today. There’s a sort of nostalgia, when we hear the name Bill Nye. So if he has something to say, we listen, just as we did in grade school.

Nye’s latest book on climate change and the new generations opportunity to change the world.

In his latest book titled, Unstoppable, Nye makes several references to the “New Generation.” This “New Generation” is us! The millennials! He talks about how much potential we have to make a massive difference in the world and to work as hard as we can to slow climate change and lessen our footprint.


He makes this point very strong in the last paragraph stating, “Together we will accept the challenge of creating clean energy and providing clean water to everyone on Earth. The Next Great Generation can, and will, change the world-for all of us, together.”

He also talks about his influences to children, the very influences in which I described earlier. Quoting the book, Nye states, “I presented demonstrations about climate change on my kids show Bill Nye the Science Guy in the 1990’s. I mentioned it in my first kids book, Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Big Blast of Science.”

Nye has had an incredible influence on the millennial generations aptitude toward science and he’s keeping up with us. Active on twitter Nye is able to reach out and spread information to a multitude of people, predominantly young people (the millennials) who use the app.

Many of his tweets involve advocating for climate change action which is part of the reason why he has gotten so much publicity from the millennial crowd. He has been our mentor since childhood and when he advocates on issues that will affect us, he earns all eyes and ears.

We trust Bill so when he comes out with a video like the one below, we listen. Why shouldn’t we trust science when theres so much information out there.

Bill Nye is part of the problem; he is feeding our addiction. He was that bad influence that got us addicted in the first place, and kept giving us this awful substance called science; accept, it’s good. Without our beloved Mr. Nye, we would be substantially less aware of the issues climate change poses on our generations future. We would not be nearly as adept to science because who would have made it cool?

Bill helped us to become aware of climate change in an interesting way. He was a pioneer in the field of pop culture to introduce this scientific information to so many young people. Bill helped us become addicted to science, and helped us to become more aware of climate changes’ threat. We can thank Bill for helping cause our healthy addiction and deep awareness of whats to come.

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