The Kardashian Effect: More negative than positive?

On a day to day basis I constantly hear my friends and other girls saying “omg I need to start eating healthier” or “omg I wish I was as skinny as she is” or “omg I can’t wear this, I look huge”. Teenagers and young adults today are struggling with body image and self esteem more than ever. An unattainable standard of beauty has been created by celebrities today, a prime example of this is the Kardashian/Jenner family. They are becoming more negative than positive in their roles of influence today.

From a young age girls are always told to be classy and conservative if they want to be respected and taken seriously in this world, but today the Kardashian/ Jenner family have evolved those beliefs into something entirely different. They are conflicting teens today.  These sisters are girls who are famous for being famous. They pride themselves on their money, looks, and fame. Their influence on social media has also become a negative aspect on how girls view themselves today.


These photos above posted on instagram have caused an uproar with many people today. People do not agree with how they flaunt their bodies everywhere. This ties into the unattainable standard beauty that we as girls have today, girls who look at the many photos posted by these sisters may feel worse about themselves because their bodies may not look like that. This should not be the case.

Many celebrities have chimed in with their opinions on Kim Kardashian’s photo posted above. Also to add into how Kim Kardashian is a negative influence, when celebrities started tweeting at her she responded back in rude and unneeded ways.


You may be thinking well can’t they also be providing a positive example by showing that you should be proud of your body and embrace it? Yes, I guess that could be a factor that is positive but according to a recent study conducted by Florida State University and published by the International Journal of Eating Disorders found that a group of women, who were asked to browse Facebook for 20 minutes, experienced greater body dissatisfaction than those who spent 20 minutes researching rainforest cats online.

Teenagers and young adults are the biggest users of social media and even though instagram and Facebook are not the same thing they are still used for the same reasons and have the same influence.When girls see the instagrams of the Kardashian’s they start to believe that sexually exploiting themselves is a normal thing to do. More and more women on instagram are starting to become more racy as well thinking that this is a normal thing to do in reality but do not realize the difference in the reality of Kim Kardashian versus regular society is completely different.

The Kardashians are constantly being talked about and always will play a role in how people view themselves. When we feel that we cannot achieve the look that they have we tend to look at the comparisons between us and them. That is what causes the self esteem issues. Girls growing up today need to take a step back from the social media of the Kardashians and realize that what they are posting for everybody to see is not a normal thing and they should not let it affect themselves in anyway. Everybody is beautiful in their own way.








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