Girls Can Open Ketchup Bottles?

It’s about time that a new generation emerges where women aren’t considered frail, weak, and domestic. A generation where they don’t have to be dressed up in pig tails and braids, they don’t have to wear makeup to look perfect, and they don’t have to be quiet and submissive to the men in their life. It’s time to throw out the dresses and frilly lace that so define our woman in society today.

Sports are just the beginning when it comes to the discrimination of woman. But the discrimination of women in sports really helps to shine a light on the bigger problem of gender inequality in society, specifically in places such as the workplace and the home.

If you’re interested in being shown how women are not “frail,” and “weak,” check out this video here:


Sports are just a small example of how woman have been discriminated against in society today. According to an article concerning the U.S. Woman’s soccer team, we see that the woman athletes are not being paid an equal amount of money compared to the men’s team. The article goes on to describe how the woman’s team  made a substantial profit from winning the world cup. Not only that, it also had the highest viewers rating for any U.S. soccer game, men’s or women’s. This is just one example where woman are exceeding the men in their success, yet still aren’t reaping equal benefits.

Alex Morgan, an actual athlete on the U.S. Women’s soccer team, provides a perspective here:

Woman are more than capable to “bring home the bread.” We see multiple inequalities occurring the workplace.  A study was carried out for the purpose of finding research on how woman are underrepresented in the male-dominated career of sports. A crucial finding in the study proposed: “It was clear that participants in this study were quite aware that they would face stereotypes of a woman in a traditionally male-dominated area and that they would have to work hard to prove they belonged.” If woman aren’t being paid equally, then there should not be an expectation of them that is higher than one for a man.  For more information about this aspect of discrimination, click here.

This advertisement for an improved, “easy to open” ketchup bottle, confirms the stereotype that woman aren’t strong enough in more ways than one.


In the home, the woman are deemed to be domestic, the ones expected to carry out housewife chores. Women in the 1950s were expected to clean the house, iron and wash the clothes, take care of the children, and have the dinner ready for the family by the time the husband came home. Families have been passing this ideal down, and it has come to our generation. Although woman have started to make a name for themselves, these past ideals have greatly shaped what many people see as what a woman should be like today.



Because of this stereotype that was instilled into Americans’ minds long ago, the view of woman has caused discrimination to be prevalent in their roles when it comes to sports, the workplace, and being in the home. To learn more about this issue, and hear two athletes talk about their own views on this issue, watch this video here:

Some additional audio commentary on women’s role in sports, and their journey to equality, can be found by clicking here!










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