Disney Princess: A Nightmare Dressed Like a Dream

Disney Princess                                              Take a look at this image. When was the last time you saw a girl that was this skinny? Do girls usually wear dresses likes these or have hair that is past there feet? No, nothing about these princesses are real, they get everything they want, always have a happy ending, and look nothing like a real person. At a young age, girls are still vulnerable and don’t know what to expect in life, therefore it is easy for them to get attached to the idea of being a princess. While it may not seem like a big deal, it can have negative effects on a girl’s self image.

Disney princesses give young girls a false sense of reality, set unrealistic expectations, and teach girls that it is okay to be objectified. No girl is ever going to look like a princess, which can cause numerous issues with self image. It also sets a girls’ expectation off the charts. The princesses don’t have jobs and somehow they end up living in a castle and marrying a prince. Also, it teaches women that they are objects only there to impress a man, because once you get a prince he’ll take care of everything and it’s a happily ever after from that point on. how princesses spend their time           In a study done by Jolene Ewer, you can see that princesses spend most of their time dancing, singing, and interacting with animals. Notice the princesses aren’t doing much work, or hanging out with friends. This teaches women that they don’t need to be independent. When was the last time singing and talking to animals was what made a woman successful? You never see a princess working a real job, instead she is waiting around for a prince to come take of her.

It’s time to take control of the problem, and not let princesses raise young girls. It’s up to parents to take control of what these young girls are watching and it’s up to Disney to set a better example. Peggy Orenstein is the author of the book Cinderella Ate My Daughter, she writes about how she was determined she was not going to let princesses run her daughter’s life. In this bookPeggy talks about how she saved her daughter before she was brainwashed like many other girls. In the podcast interview below, Peggy discusses her book that revolves around Disney princesses and the negative effects they have on young girls.

In this video I interviewed one of my friends to get some opinions other than my own on the subject. Most people are able to see the issues that Disney princesses cause, even males can see the effects it has on females. Something needs to be done, things need to change, the Disney princess needs to be reformed into something more realistic. She needs to become someone that gives power to women.
















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