Crossword Puzzles Are Legal

9deb67345989cc0750aa23edbdaed937There is no law in existence that states who can and can’t attempt a crossword puzzle. People over the age of thirty aren’t the only ones allowed to do these puzzles. All generations and ages are allowed to try these brain teasers, but then why is it that mainly older people that enjoy and attempt them?

Is it because doing puzzles isn’t cool or is it because there are better ways to spend our time? No matter if you love or hate puzzles that challenge intellectual thinking skills, crossword puzzles can have a positive effect in some way on everyone’s life.

original-4-1024x791Due to the role technology plays on our everyday lifestyle, intellectual puzzles such as crossword puzzles have fallen off the entertainment map. Although the amount of increasing entertainments options is seen as a positive to most people, this is not true. The negatives such as a loss in thinking skills and restricted vocabulary that come from this increase outweigh the positives.

Never fear though, crossword puzzles can help solve this problem. Crosswords can contribute to a little stressful but mainly happy life. Not only are they fun to do and keep you coming back for more, but they also increase knowledge and thinking skills as well. These puzzles expand vocabulary and cause the doer to ponder their thoughts which is slightly rare in society today. Sometimes, an escape from social media and popular culture is the best way to relieve stress and relax the mind. Crossword puzzles can throw you a rope and help you escape the anxiety of this world.

Just like social media, crossword puzzles can be on your smart phone too! There are plenty of crossword puzzle focused apps that exist. Most of them are free, provide new puzzles everyday, and can be used to compete against friends.


The most popular of these apps is the NYTimes Crossword – Daily Word Puzzle Game. This app is used not only for pure entertainment, but as a competition as well. Whether its friends, family, or random people this app is fun, full of vocabulary, provides tips on how to solve crosswords, and can be used as a template for competition. More information on the positives of crossword apps can be found here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.29.30 PM

Crosswords can lead to and create many beneficial opportunities. Creating them could be a career. Attempting them can enhance the brain capacity. And completing them can provoke intellectual stimulation. Whether you like celebrities, sports, politics, or a mix of things, there is a crossword out there waiting for everyone.



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