Are The Foods You Eat Killing You?

Why do people continue to insist upon putting horrible food in their bodies? Over the past several decades our society has let big corporations poison our food with pesticides and hormones that continue to destroy our bodies. This practice started becoming common in the early 1940’s with the debut of McDonalds.


At this time, synthetically made hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, had started being added to livestock. The corporations that run the meat industry along with these farms use those hormones in order to make the livestock grow bigger, and help keep the meat fresh longer. These are all tactics used in order to help companies make more money; however, they do this at the expense of their customer’s health.

Rate of disease, especially cancer, in the United States has been increasing enormously ever since the 1950’s. Cancer rates are expected to increase by another 25% in the next eight years, with no sign of slowing down.

This discovery about the chemicals in food is recently new because prior to this people assumed the food they were eating was natural and healthy, and some still do. Many seemingly healthy individuals are being diagnosed with diseases at a very young age with no idea why. These people have no idea of the toxins they are ingesting on a constant basis. This constant damage on the body’s immune system can only be kept up for so long before the body can no longer defend itself in order to stay healthy.

This video explains some specific chemicals commonly found in foods.

The truth is that if the food you eat does not specifically specify otherwise, it is most definitely filled with harmful toxins. Corporations running the meat industry have known this from the very beginning, but unfortunately the people that run these companies are tremendously greedy. Most companies would rather raise the disease and obesity rates throughout the entire country than decrease their net income.

In many cases, they use misleading packaging and buzz words to make their food seem a lot healthier than it is; these cooperations would even go as far as to mislead their customers into buying the food instead of spending more money to make the food healthier.

Terms like “sugar free” and “all natural” that are found on many food labels don’t actually have what they advertise. These companies will do anything they can in order to spend less and make more; on top of poisoning their food, the bi products of chemicals produced by meat factories and fast food plants are extremely dangerous to the environment.


The average American consumes roughly one hundred and thirty pounds of sugar per year; these are dangerously high levels of sugar, especially over the course of several years. Another growing problem is nutrition is not a commonly taught practice in the world of medicine, so people don’t even know how to properly take care of themselves. People need to be taught nutrition and prevention in order to really stay healthy.

Are we going to let these greedy corporations take our money, health, and dignity? It’s time to become educated; there is only one thing companies like these respond to, and that is money. If people stop buying their food products and make it known that we will not stand for this any longer, then companies will have to change their ways in order to save their profits.

It is our responsibility as consumers to tell companies what’s acceptable; if we don’t they are just going to do whatever they can to make a bigger profit, like what’s happening now. The good news is that it’s not too late. Studies show that many diseases and even cancers can be reversed, to a point, by improving ones diet and living an overall healthier life style. Just don’t tell your doctors because then they can’t bill you every step of the way.

My video adaption is the results of a poll that I had people take about food awareness.



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