Media Violence: Desensitizing Today’s Youth

       Media in the United States has become the most popular way that people in today’s generation get their news, entertainment, sports, etc. It’s easy, effective and often times enjoyable to use the internet or watch news to get the information you need. The internet is one of mankind’s greatest inventions, but there are serious dangers that come with it. People are bad, there will always be people who manipulate, corrupt, and endanger others in order to satisfy their needs. The internet and social media give anybody who wants the opportunity to post negative, degrading, violent, or untrue things for everyone in the world to see at any age range. Kids are being exposed to media that is gruesome, immoral, disgusting, and horrific for any child to witness. When you are at such a young age your brain is still developing its most important functions for the rest of life. Images of people being murdered, or sexually abused are models that kids see on screen and correlate that to everyday life. Many children don’t have parents that are around all the time, they gather information through devices like television, the internet, video games, etc. This causes the children to imitate these characters and public figures, rather than more positive and caring role models

       2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show Kids that have grown up with negative role models their entire childhood tend to be more aggressive, less confident, and have emotional problems. the characters that are being displayed in today’s nedia idolizes this negative and immoral behavior by broadcasting them and paying them millions of dollars. With all of this fortune kids see from acting immature and violent of course kids are going to want to be like these figures and will imitate their actions.

        Unfortunately these poor characteristics are shown in almost all media. Whether you are on the internet, television, or playing video games there will always be opportunity for your mind to get corrupted by the adverse content or advertisements displayed in the program. In today’s society everything is digital. Teens are now exposed to more violence, pornography, drugs, etc. They see these things on television and think that it’s acceptable to act in similar ways. Children at the age of only two years old are watching television that depict things like false gender rollsracial stereotypes, and class discrimination. The first several years of a persons life is the most vital for future development and basic emotional stability. Viewing negative images at this age can make a person experience many developmental problems.

       Modern video games have become very virtually realistic. The graphics headshotmake it seem like it could be real life. Kids that are nearly five years old are playing games that force them to kill their opponents. They become violent and aggressive while playing. Games like Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto give off an extremely violent and brutal image that kids are not only witnessing, but partaking in. Children talk with their friends in school about “kill streaks” they had and how many kills to deaths they have. These images and activities broadcasted virtually everywhere have completely desensitized the youth to this extreme violence. I fear that in this new Millennia mankind is headed for doom.

Here is a song that reveals what some kids are experiencing..



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