Why our greed has consumed society

Today’s society is driven by our wants, however it continues to functions through our needs.  What I have noticed from society and personal experience is that we, as a species, are consumed by our own greed.  What aren’t some of us willing to give up for what we want?

Anyone that was raised in a public school, I’m sure, was taught that what our wants and needs are and how they differed. Similar to how we were taught right from wrong when we were younger, and the moral codes of society.  We were always taught that helping others was something that was important because if we were in a similar situation we would seek aid as well. Many of us are much more fortunate than others and we always take that for granted.  As our day plays out and we follow our daily tasks and routines how often are we really grateful for the things that we have access too.

Why will others forsake one another and the world around us for personal gain?  We as a society have survived through hard times because we were able to depend on one another, but today it seems everyone is more concerned about themselves.  Instead of looking out for one another we are willing to take advantage of others misfortunate to better ourselves.

The video below is a ted talk presented by Audrey Novak.

Novak brings up an interesting point where our society is upheld by disregarding others and the environment.  For us to be able to have the products we want there are those that are being worked as slaves, while we also slowly destroy the earth. We pollute and we mistreat one another for the benefits of ourselves because we are driven by profits.

Maureen Jenkins wrote an article about, Nicole A. Dunbar, a Chicago life, and business coach who had lived on the wealthier spectrum of society. However she decided to give it all up for a much simpler lifestyle. She downsized her apartment, downgraded her phone, and eats more home cooked meals and has seen that her life has significantly increased due to less stressful pressures from society.  She said, “People don’t know what they actually need. A need is electricity; a want is cable.”  Dunbar believes that others should try it; because it’s more than just “voluntarily downscaling” it’s about learning to live joyfully with less “stuff.”  With fewer things we become more appreciative with what we do have rather than asking for more.

Most of us are well aware that our society is driven by greed and wealth and that comes with a lot of problems.  People have posted similar things to the tweet that is posted above, but what actions do people actually take. Many can rant online about a problem, but how much will that really help. They may think that just getting the word out is helping, but doing so isn’t enough.  A lot of us choose to be ignorant because it is a problem that we alone aren’t able to face head on.

Below is a recorded audio discussion among a few of my friends where we discussed how our society has taken advantage of others.


Our greed controls what we do and who we are in a sense and it continues to influence our decisions every day.  We choose the easiest choice for us disregarding what it takes to create such a possibility.  Our society’s moral views are disregarded when it comes to people getting what they want.  If we are willing to put others in the dark is it okay for us to live on like it doesn’t happen?


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