The Downfall of a Young Star

What exactly drives young stars into a spiral downfall? Is it the exposure to alcohol and drugs, the pressure of the job, the desire to be the best? Really, just about anything can and usually more than one thing effects a star. This is seen through the young artist, Justin Bieber. Bieber’s career first kicked off when he was around 12 years old and was discovered by Scooter Braun for being a hit sensation on the social site, YouTube. After meeting Scooter, Bieber was then introduced to one of his idols, Usher. Through both of these famous men, Bieber was able to kick off his career as a singer and soon found himself touring the world and having hit singles on the radio. One of Bieber’s most famous videos is his Chris Brown “With You” Audio. Through his success, he also had the pleasure of meeting famous actress and singer, Selena Gomez. The two began dating and eventually were in a very serious relationship. They were even considered the “it” couple at one point.One growing website was the“Jelena” Fan Page. Thousands of fans were referring to them as “Jelena” and saying that the two were going to get married. Justin seemed like he had the world in his hands. Unfortunately, this world spiraled downward a few months later.

Below is a picture of the young couple “Jelena”

After Justin started abusing things such as drugs and alcohol and lashing out at fans, Selena could no longer deal with him. The two stars soon broke up. Selena prospered from the break up, creating new hit singles and making her career even more successful. This however, was not the case for Justin. His temper tantrums were worst than ever before. He would walk off stage in the middle of shows and break the law in multiple ways such as driving under the influence or being seen with escorts.Justin’s Lash out  at the paparazzi is one of the most famous stories from his troubled time. The worst part of it all was that Justin could care less about his appearance. The once cute, lovable young star with millions of fans through out the world soon found himself not only losing himself, but all of his fans. Attached below is a video of Justin lashing out at the paparazzi in London.

Justin kept this game of charades up for about a solid two years. But, eventually no one was a fan of this new Bieber and his “bad boy act.” This is when Justin realized he really needed help. He had been so destroyed by the world of fame and power he no longer was even able to recognize himself in the mirror. He had drifted so far away from who he wanted to be he worried if the young, energized, ambitious man that he once was was even still inside of him. Justin knew it was time to go into recovery.

Below, Seth Rogan’s tweet shows how him and many other stars felt about Justin Bieber during his downfall.Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.04.38 PM.png

The now matured Bieber knew that he needed to give up the pop star life and focus on the music. He knew he needed to make his music about something his audience could relate to and really feel him. This was done through the song “Where are you Now?” This song was his duet with Skrillex. This song once again gave Bieber confidence and helped his new album become so successful. Through close friends such as Ellen DeGeneres and Ariana Grande, Bieber was once again able to find himself and turn himself back into the man he knew he could be. In order to stay this way, he knows he must refrain from the famous lifestyle he once lived and try his hardest to stay this way.Justin’s Instagram expresses his new music and new self.

Below is a picture of Justin at his debut at the AMAS 2015 introducing his new music and his new self.Bieber’s Official Website displays this image.




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