Since When Does Christmas Last Four Months?

             As we quickly approach the middle of December and Christmas right after that, many people have put up their tree and decorations and hung their Christmas lights and are finally ready for Christmas to get here. I say finally because some people have been talking about Christmas since before Halloween. In fact, some started talking about it in September. Of course, few people actually celebrate Christmas all the way from September to December 25th, but some people do like to get their shopping out of the way before Thanksgiving or even before November gets here.


The people influencing this early shopping season are the stores who advertise that early. Kmart is advertising the earliest with their ads airing in the beginning of September. The advertising industry, which is a huge part of America’s popular culture, is very powerful when it comes to shaping American’s choices about when to start their shopping for the holidays. If stores didn’t advertise that their deals only last for a certain amount of time, or if they didn’t say that supplies are limited, then people may not be in such a rush to get all of their gifts before November. Although there are people who want to get all of their shopping out of the way just so they don’t have to deal with it in December and so that they can enjoy their holiday, do they realize that they are doing things to get ready for Christmas for almost four months?



Even if people start Christmas shopping in October, they are fueling the stores idea that we can skip a few holidays and just make Christmas last almost a third of the year. They are encouraging the arrival of Christmas before fall even begins, which may not be a big deal to some, but it means that all the big stores will be full of Christmas trees and decorations before Halloween costumes are even off the shelves. Although Christmas is a wonderful time of year, wouldn’t it be even more special if it was just celebrated for one month so that we don’t overlook the other holidays that fall between back to school and winter break and all the fun festivities and traditions that go along with them? Christmas is absolutely worth the entire month of December that we are guaranteed to celebrate it every year, but shouldn’t Thanksgiving and Halloween be celebrated as well? No, presents are not given at Thanksgiving and not everyone likes the idea of Halloween, but rushing Christmas each year makes it much less extraordinary. It makes Christmas seem like an everyday topic instead of the great holiday that it is. What’s the fun of shopping for your friends and family, decorating the tree, seeing Christmas decorations in people’s yards, listening to Christmas music, etc. if we have been doing all those things for weeks already? Also, what makes Thanksgiving so special if the Christmas tree is already up and Jingle Bells is playing on the radio? What makes these holidays unique is that everyone has traditions for each one individually. So let’s put an end to shopping in September so that we can celebrate each holiday to the fullest.

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