Police Brutality: Racial or Non-racial

black and white portrayal

Media has made people believe that police brutality in America is a racial issue. The problem with this is that the media will let certain things be known and they won’t say whether it’s racial or not. The media leaves that decision to the public. Some believe it is racial and other believe that the police officers are just doing their job.

Social media and television only tell you what they want you to know. They ask questions that are pivotal and do not take sides as to whether it’s a racial problem or not. This could be why police brutality is an issue. I do not believe that this is a racial problem. I believe that this has to do with the morals of the police officer and the situations that he or she is put into. I would like to believe that no police officer wants to voluntarily take a mans life. Their morals would prevent them form doing so. Law enforcement are put into harsh and dangerous situations.

I believe that people blow all of these situations out of proportion. Law enforcement use force to bring down an individual that is harmful to the community. They will use force no matter the race of a person. Speaking from a personal perspective, if my father was put into a situation where he had to use force, maybe even a gun, I would want him to do what he has to do to protect himself. He has a family and as a part of that family, I want him to be safe when he is at work. People who decide to go into law enforcement are taught to shoot to protect themselves or others. They try to stop further aggression from the individual. This is why I believe that this is not a racial problem. A police officer is going to shoot to protect whether the individual is black or white.

Social media will do what it takes to make money and keep people interested. They will not state their personal beliefs and they will not take a side. As mentioned in the Washington Times, “Social media, enabling everyone with an IPhone or a laptop to spread various versions of the news, encourages instant reaction rather than reasoned, thoughtful judgement.” This not only proves that media wants you to make a judgement call but gives you everything you need to make the wrong assumption. The media shows certain parts of a story but they leave out the important parts to make you think it is a racial issue, but they will never say that. This is wrong in many aspects because of the fact that not all police shootings have black people involved. That is why I believe that it isn’t a racial issue. So my question to you is why would you assume that police brutality is a racial issue when it deals with blacks and whites? This tweet reveals that it’s getting old. The media needs to posting false things about police brutality.




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