Is Instagram causing teens to get plastic surgery?

There are 15 million plastic surgeries a year, out of those, thousands are on young teenagers ages 13-19.  This is becoming a very popular answer to many teens who do not feel comfortable with their bodies. But why do so many teen girls feel insecure? The rise of social medias may be to blame.

Countless numbers of celebrities are joining social media and their teen fans are the first to follow them. Instagram is one of the most popular. These celebrities post pictures ranging from beautiful places, luxury cars and houses to the infamous selfies and their followers immediately double tap the pictures, wishing they looked like that. But some people will take extreme measures to look better. Before the school year started, the rise in teenage plastic surgeries peaked. Majority of these teens who go plastic surgery going into school were probably affected by how “perfect” celebrities look. Dr. Matthew Schulman, a plastic surgeon said ““Between social media and reality television, nobody thinks twice about plastic surgery anymore, and it trickles down to the teens,”” and claims he gets over ten emails a week from teen girls asking for lips like Kylie Jenner’s.(Pesce )

Image result for kylie jenner lips instagram       Image result for kylie jenner lips instagram

Our society has become to think it is normal to drastically change yourself and risk major complications and dangers associated with plastic surgery. Many of plastic surgery patients have high expectations for their surgery and don’t expect to have any problems. In one case, an 18 year old girl from Pennsylvania got liposuction and shortly after died from a complication most likely being a pulmonary embolism. (Shulman). Although not every teenage girl who gets plastic surgery will suffer, many are naïve to why they are really getting plastic surgery.





Screenshot (2)


Some people and doctors believe that these teenage girls who want to look like their favorite celebrity have unrealistic expectations. Teenagers in this day in age have a lot more struggles and barriers than they used to especially dealing with social media. Social media has caused many wonderful things to happen but at the same times there are many dangers. Mentioned before, one is the fact that so many teenagers are constantly seeing these flawless pictures of models, actresses, and more that causes them to constantly feel bad about how they look and those who feel that are now turning to plastic surgery. Psychologist Dr. Judy Rosenberg also believes that these teenagers are turning to surgery for self-esteem and other emotional issues, she states “”Our culture makes it so socially acceptable to seek plastic surgery, and because celebrities create the idea that if you are beautiful and perfect you will be rich, famous and loved, teens easily associate this plastic surgery ‘solution’ as a pathway to feeling better,” (Olya).


There is definitely a better way for teenagers to feel better about themselves than transforming their body at such a young age. More people are starting to realize that there should be limitations on teenagers getting surgery. The reason for teens getting plastic surgery cannot simply be because they want to look like a celebrity or if they are very upset with how they look, doctors recommend trying to understand if there is a deeper problem before getting plastic surgery.


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