Is Cosmopolitan Magazine a girl’s best friend or worst enemy?

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In today’s society there is s tremendous amount of pressure put on women to look a certain way, to act a certain way, and to behave in a certain manner. Women must be skinny but anorexic, smart but not too smart, they must fit into the image society deemed worthy. To further remind women that they are not enough there are magazines available everywhere to help, in the grocery store, at the drug store, even at the gas station. Cosmopolitan magazine is regarded as one of the top fashion magazines out in circulation along side vogue, but how does it affect women? Magazines like Cosmo trick women into thinking that the magazine is there to help them become better and sexier, so that a man will finally want them.

Magazines like Cosmo are truly detrimental to girls today. While the magazine advertises that they write to the everyday working girl, other stuff they include in their magazines can be questionable.

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Society has associated a feminist with lonely girls who will never get a man, so now Cosmopolitan is offering the solution of being a ” sexy” feminist.


The issue with this is that not only does this affect how women see themselves, but young girls are reading these magazines as well and are being lied to. More specifically teenage girls, teenage girls are around the age where they are the most impressionable and having this information available is very detrimental to their development. Girls could see this gorgeous, skinny supermodel and dream to be just like her. What these girls don’t understand is that it is impossible to look like that model because not only did she have a whole beauty team behind her to make her flawless, her picture was probably fake. The picture most likely was airbrushed, photo shopped, or messed with in some way shape or form. In fact in the end the model looks more different than she originally did.

Because of pictures like those these girls are trying to achieve the look that that these girls have. The sad thing is that these girls try achieve the looks of these models in a very unhealthy way. It could be through ways of bulimia, anorexia, and or starvation. the repercussions on this topic is very dangerous to the health of these girls.

NPR has a podcast on how women who choose to go the healthy way and exercise and eat right, change their methods when they see a really skinny model. The podcast goes on to further describe what this issue has to be.

The thing is a majority of girls also understand that these magazines, such as Cosmopolitan have very negative factors to them, but why do girls still buy these them? Maybe its the enticing pictures, or pictures of the famous celebrities that they happen to like? No matter the fact sales in fashion magazines have constantly been high and seem to not change. So girls in a way are choosing their own poison, they buy the very thing that causes them so much pain, and that is a fact a girl must deal with individually.



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