Insta thin, is it worth it?

It would be great if there was a magic pill that would instantly just fix what you dislike about your body, but there is not. But on Instagram, that magic pill is photoshop. There are now apps such as Facetune and Spring  at the tips of your fingers that you can use to make yourself look anyway you please. You can fix your waist, thighs, teeth, and even make up. This sounds awesome right? Well almost, except for the fact that you are seeing an image of you that isn’t really you… and now you want to look like that version of you everyday, so you go extreme measures. All for what? To be the “ideal” thin… and even if you decide not to use these apps, what about other peers and famous people you follow that are using it. How are you going to trust them? The answer is, you can not, some of these photoshops are so good that you are unable to notice if they are real or fixed. A group of women decided to try out the app Facetune, and you are able to see their reactions and how surprised they are by how much they can alter their bodies and whether or not they like using it.

Many women see these photos of others and are encapsulated around the idea of being perfect so they do anything they can to meet their goal. Women who have a perfectionist mentality may always have negative thoughts, such as “My thighs are too fat”, “I should be on a diet” or “My friends look better then I do”. It is sad that many see these photos of the edited women on Instagram and they want to look exactly like them, as if they want every single girl to look like clones of each other. We live in a world where we express individuality. So in this case why don’t we?

Many girls know that photoshop is being used by many, though they believe it is normal for girls to look this way. One famous girl on Instagram (she deleted the pictures from her account), who points out to her followers that her pictures are not realistic. She explains in the photo below that she took many trials of the photo shown, and how that day she barely ate anything, and she questions why anyone would want to be like her.


She brings forth an important issue that women should not starve themselves to look a certain why. This can lead to the infamous disease, anorexia, which women do not take seriously enough. There are even pro-anorexia websites and blogs that allow women to feel like they are not alone and that they are strong for eating a small amount of calories. This seems crazy that you can call someone strong for basically starving themselves just so they have a better body image, because in reality it is unhealthy.

Women need to start loving themselves and get over the idea that they need to look a certain why, No One’s Listening Podcast interviews someone who is a apart of The Body Positive Movement, to inspire them to love their bodies whatever shape or size they may be.

Just as Colleen O’Riley tweeted, “Do not act impulsively on your own negative views of your body image.” There is no reason to take time out of your day to try and have societies idea of a perfect body, because you were built a certain way for a reason. Instead, love yourself and want to be different. Learn that there are more important things in life then worrying about the way you look and the constant pressure of trying to impress others.

We need to stop looking for the one “ideal” body type that will  determine our happiness and let many different body types be the “ideal”, as young women today. The constant negative thoughts about oneself is taking away from the important events in ones’ life. It is time to recognize that eating disorders are life threatening and we should stop idealizing over the thin body types. The only way this constant struggle will end is if our society stops pointing out flaws and stops admiring the thin bodies on media. Instagram is full of misconceptions, so we need to stop scrolling through the feed to get advice on what we should look like and how we should live our lives. Be happy in your own skin and do things in life that will make you happy. Do not post images that will make other’s happy and not yourself. Just be a positive you on Instagram and in everyday life.






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