Greek Life On Campus: Stop Hazing

Fraternities and Sororities have been prominent on college campuses for nearly two centuries. Recently, Greek life has been receiving negative press about hazing, alcohol abuse, sexual assault, and binge drinking. I think Greek is negative and should be monitored more. I asked other students what their views were are on Greek life and majority of them agreed that it has more negative aspects than positive.

As stated by Jane Friedman, in her article, “Should colleges ban fraternities and sororities?”, “Since 2005, more than 60 people have died in fraternity-related incidents, according to Bloomberg News, and this fall 37 New York City fraternity members were charged in the death of a pledge, including five who face murder charges. Supporters of Greek organizations argue that only a small number of members commit serious violations. Moreover, they say fraternities and sororities — now at a record 750,000.”  Hazing, although prohibited by most states and many schools, remains pervasive across the country because it is done behind closed doors. gty_fraternity_hazing_lpl_130724_33x16_1600

Baruch College Students Charged in Fraternity Hazing Death Case

Four members of a fraternity at Baruch College in New York City were charged with third-degree murder, aggravated assault, hindering apprehension, hazing and other charges in connection with Deng’s death. Thirty-two other fraternity members face less serious charges, including aggravated assault and hazing. In a New York Times article, Authors



What is being done?


 Deaths as a result of hazing and binge drinking in fraternities has become an increasing problem. Fraternities don’t see the issue with hazing which is why they continuously do it to there new pledges. They see it as fun and entertaining and do not see the harmful effects that hazing causes. In the tweet above Chris Chia states that “Hazing the new guys is always fun.” The older members of fraternities think they have authority over the new pledges and the right to treat them poorly.  Elizabeth Allen mentions in her podcast on how to prevent hazing in Greek life. To stop hazing people who witness it need to report it. Most people do not want to stop hazing because they do not want to be seen as a “snitch”. Greek life members who witness the hazing won’t report it because they do not want to be removed from the fraternity or sorority.

Hell Week

Many Fraternities and Sororities have “hell week” which usually involves the new members/pledges having to stay in the Fraternity or Sorority house for the week, not being allowed to return to their dorm rooms. They give them rules where they can only speak when given permission and have to dress up a certain way. At night they usually make the new members  stay up until the very late hours of the morning or no sleep at all, leaving little time for sleep or studying. “Hell week” is very negative towards grades. This and hazing should be banned from Greek life. It does not benefit towards the Fraternity or Sorority at all so why impose this harsh treatment on others?keep-calm-and-survive-hell-week-7-e1433111769267



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