Disney’s Domination of the Industry And it’s Affect on Children

disney logo

What comes to mind when you think of Disney? Is is your favorite tv show as a child? Maybe a family trip to the park or even the famous symbol, Mickey Mouse? Whatever comes to mind, it can be agreed upon that Disney has become very well known and successful.         Disney’s success comes a successful business model and knowing what makes their customers happy. The disney brand is the key to this success as this is where disney makes their money. These brands allow them to expand their company beyond just Disney and they now own a variety of other companies such as ABC and Marvel which bring in a whole new demographic.

Disney not only creates these brands but is also amazing at marketing and selling them. Disney has mastered marketing and not only creates lovable characters but also sells merchandise such as action figures, apparel, books, magazines, collectibles, and more.

There are multiple aspects that go into the the equation of why Disney is so successful. They have created the Disney formula which focuses on the theme of a happily ever after. They also feature an ambiance of characters and remain inline with the Disney vision. Because of this vision, Disney has become one of the most well known and wealthiest companies according to Forbes with a market cap of $179.5 billion dollars.

disney monopoly


The overall success has been great for Disney, but they have nearly dominated the industry of marketing to children. Disney does not have very much competition when it comes to strong companies in the same category as they dominate entertainment to the children’s demographic. With not much other competition, children are consuming a majority of influence from Disney. Today, especially, kids are being affected because of the increase in technology that is more widely used and available to the youth. With more and more kids having access to cell phones, they also have access to digital media and are therefore able to be marketed the more frequently in different forms of media. The average american watches about six hours of television a day so they are able to be exposed to this media more and more frequently (Giroux).

Disney has a disproportionate control over the me


dia exposure to children. This means that Disney has the most media influence over teens in society. Although Disney embodies the ideal of a fairytale and a happily ever after, this is not particularly a good thing. The domination of the Disney corporation can cause children to become more shy and sheltered as they enter into adolescence.


As you get older, life gets more and more stressful. Sometimes it seems to be a lot easier to be a child where you didn’t have to worry about anything and could live without a care in the world. Disney acts like a safety blanket and a sense of protection from the real world. As we grow older, we like to return to out own happiness which we found in our childhood. This could inhibit productivity in the workplace as people take less risks once they realize that the world is not always filled with true love and a happily ever after.














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