College drinking


Have you ever thought about the way that you drink when you are college students? A national survey shows that there are approximately 60% students are drinking. If this number increase in the future, a lot of students will get a lot of bad effects. Imagine that students have a party with a lot of drinks. This is easy for them to drink heavily with friends. Although drinking have some advantage such as reducing stress or making new friends, they will suffer a lot of the consequences. This tweet comment below show that drinking will make students get fatter. That is why a lot of students get problems of health and mental. Let’s find out more about the effects of drinking.


The audio below talks about the way that drinking affects to student’s brain. Because students start attending to college at 18 years old and the brain is fully developed at 20 years old, they get trouble of adapting and easily being enticed to drink.

The video below is made by my own about interviewing people with their opinions about drinking.  At the beginning of the video, I made an example of issue how drunk students act. In this situation, I want to make how drunk students see their bad performance test and how they talk to their parents when they get drunk. Because it just shows only part of college drinking, I want to interview my friends so that you are able to understand more the behavior affected by drinking. The interviewees will share their experience and some situation that they have met so that you can understand and get the realize of drinking.

Many students are really drunk and addicted to alcohol, but they still deny and think that they are really conscious. This is really dangerous if they don’t realize where they are now. Instead of just drinking to chat and talk with friends, they also play drinking games such as flip cup, ping pong cup or card games. These games have a rule that every players have to drink in the process of the games. Although some students don’t want to drink but just play for fun, they still have to drink no matter how limit of drinking they have.

This video below is from the youtube, it shows a lot of picture of students get drinking. The video is the warning of every college students. In this video, it mentions that “1700 students die each year from alcohol-related unintentional injuries” and “Nearly half of all alcohol consumed on campuses is by underage students”. This video also show some picture of their binge drinking, violence after drinking and death students. Therefore, I wish students should get enough knowledge about drinking practice and change to play sports or joining some college clubs to get friends. Drinking is really good if students stop at their limit and use it as a way of active way.




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