Are You Addicted to Your Phone?

Have you ever wondered if you spend too much time on your phone? The estimated time that a person spends on their phone is 90 minutes a day, which is equivalent to around 3.9 years of an average persons life ! If this was divided by year you would spend twenty three days a year of just purely being on your phone. This is a lot of time that is wasted and not used in other factors of life. Imagine all that you could do with all that time. With twenty three days a year you could be healthy and in shape. People can learn another language during that time. If you took the time in a persons life that they waste on their phone they could of received a bachelors degree from a college.


This audio talks about the cellphone addiction from a perspective of two millennials and how cellphones have changed  during time and how in a way they grew up with the technology so this is pretty much all they know. There are times during the audio that depict scenes that are eye opening in that the more you talk about how much you are on your phone, it is so surprising to actually realize the amount of time and how addicted one can be. Towards the end you get a  feeling that you pretty much have wasted your life. Also that you have wasted your time on something so stupid that is not even “real” and makes you really think about life and how valuable it is.

Cellphones are so prevalent in today society that two song that are in the top 100 charts have to do with cellphones. One being “hotline-bling” by Drake and the other being “Hello” by Adele. These two songs can relate to many people due to how much people are actually on their cellphones that even popular songs are focused around it.

For my video I decided to make a parody/remix  of one of these songs, and I decided to choose the hot-line bling approach to really express the underlining roots of what I think the song is saying in my opinion.

Many would deny that they are actually addicted to their cellphones and that they do not spend much time on them. Well here is a test to really see if you are true to your word. World Wide eighty four percent of the human population that has a phone says that they could not go one day without their phone. A study from Daily News found that one in four people check their phones every thirty minutes, while one in five check every ten. These numbers are astonishing. This rate of being addicted to an item is worse that cocaine addicts or cigarette smokers!


That is a tremendous amount of people that need their phone daily, now cellphones are becoming more of a want for socializing than a need for communication. These wants are starting to take over peoples lives without them knowing it. My hope is that people put their phones away and communicate more in human contact than over a phone. Life is to precious to text it away, and not being able to develop true and real relationships. Through this blog I hope you have learned about how much your cellphone has the potential to rule your life.


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