Selfie Probz

With such a craze over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter I would now say we are in the ‘Selfie Age’. Everytime we leave our house we take a selfie, we go out at night and take a selfie, and even take them in from of objects. As we scroll down our timelines of our social media and the popular pages, we see so many celebrities flawless pictures. This tends to lead us to want surgery to look just like them. It may be just a certain part of their body or it may lead to a whole body transformation.

Our expectations often tend to be too high and the results from procedures don’t turn out as some planned. This unhappiness with the surgeries can lead to larger psychological problems. You may never want to leave the house again, distant yourself from even family and friends, or even more serious issues like suicide.

Social media is the growing issue that is essentially killing our self esteem.

There will be a lot of unhappiness when your plan doesn’t necessarily play out so well. I personally believe that plastic surgery destroys your image and adds years of obvious construction to your natural beauty. Elle Magazine agrees with my argument in the following statement on Twitter (@ElleMagazine)

Many types of surgeries are seeing a great increase in the want whether it is minimally invasive or an invasive procedure. Here are the statistics of surgeries according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures increased 3 percent, to more than 13.4 million procedures in 2013. The top five minimally-invasive procedures were:

Cosmetic surgical procedures rose 1 percent, to nearly 1.7 million procedures in 2013. The top five surgical procedures were:

Another problem with bad surgeries is that people try to fix them. This in result leads to more and more surgeries where we see some people get addicted. In an article the Daily Mail, they showed twins who got matching surgeries to remain looking the exact same. They ate the same carefully portioned out meals every day and did the same exact gym routine. These twins are pretty much obsessed with being each other. They do the exact same things everyday and have multiple surgeries to do so. This is a problem because now a days people are getting unnecessary surgeries for odd reasons.


Personally, I think people get surgeries for more than looks. They are not pleased with their own bodies and feel the need to become someone else. These attempts to look like someone can easily lead to unhappiness and depression  because it never comes out just like they expect it to.


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