Marijuana in Today’s Culture

First of all, everyone at some point in their life has thought about smoking weed or at least wondered about getting high. Usually, one starts thinking about smoking/getting high because they watched a movie or a TV show that makes smoking seem cool and fun. Today’s society is so open; I am not going to say open minded because we judge everything and everyone, so that’s a whole new topic. However, going back to society being open, a better word for that would be explicit. From our language to our relationships, everything is so explicit. Over the years that have passed regarding music and movies, the two biggest mediums that probably affect our minds the most, besides the weed, is every song now that talks about using drugs, partying, sex etc. Also, all the R Rated movies and TV-MA/TV-14 rated shows have some type of portrayal of use of Marijuana. Weed has become a huge part of our lifestyle and culture, which pushes everyone to want to experience the drug. I am not going to preach to you about smoking or not smoking marijuana, it’s your choice and your life. I am just going to express my views towards Marijuana, and if you do decide to indulge in smoking, be safe.

Weed is also associated with harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin, but as a substance it should be associated with tobacco. Tobacco is a plant, and you can smoke both plants with same items, whether if it’s rolling paper or a pipe. In my opinion, they are basically the same to describe, but they just have different effects. I don’t think it’s a gateway drug, like I mentioned earlier, and it’s your choice to do whatever pleases you. Maia Szalavitz, a journalist for Time Magazine, agrees with me when she mentions that according to a survey conducted in 2009, 2.3 million people had tried weed, whereas 617,000 had tried Cocaine, and 180,000 people tried heroine, in her article Marijuana as a Gateway Drug: The Myth That Will Not Die. Those numbers are far off from each other, and if marijuana was a gateway drug they should be fairly closer to each other.

That brings us to the issue of the legalization of Marijuana. It’s already legal in 4 states and our nation’s capital, and California is just as good as legal. More states are soon to follow and it seems like this might be one of the biggest issues of the next presidential election. Legalization of Marijuana could make new jobs, generate billions of dollars in tax revenue, and decrease crime rates. It seems that more good will come out of legalization than bad, if it is used the right way. If you are personally interested in learning more about Marijuana and you would like to be more informed, check out the health and safety packet assembled by Author and Activist Roger Roffman (I will attach the image below).

.  IMG_20150501_221345


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