Interracial Couples & The Big Changes They’re Making

tameraInterracial couples and families are certainly not a new thing in America, but over the past decade they’ve gained popularity and have become a lot more trendy amongst younger generations. Many celebrities like Tamera Mowry-Housley have entered interracial relationships and have inspired many people to explore dating outside of their race.

The millennial generation is often labeled as the people who will be more accepting of everyone and that will get rid of some of the stereotypes and prejudices that have been in place in the United States for centuries. The growth of interracial couples is a great example of this. as more people enter interracial relationships, they learn new things about the person they’re dating and how their culture does things, and it gives people a new perspective of the world around them. Every race has stereotypes about them, and dating outside of your race allows for those stereotypes to be disproven and for racial barriers to be broken down.

Zuri Hall, a TV and YouTube personality, had posted many times with her boyfriend about their interracial relationship and they’ve been very open about answering questions and telling people what they’ve learned from dating interracially. They don’t try to paint a picture of perfection and happiness, and they’re very honest about the difficulties that come with their relationship. All couples go through issues, but interracial couples have a specific set of issues that same-race couples will never have to deal with.

There are TONS of YouTube accounts that have interracial couples, and as people have gained appreciation for these couples, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts have been made to celebrate them. I searched for interracial couple accounts on Tumblr and there were dozens of results, and there are even more people on Twitter gushing about them.

Here’s a Tumblr link to explore just one of many accounts celebrating interracial love:

IMG_9789  IMG_9790

With the glamorization of interracial couples comes the glamorization of their children. Some of the most obsessed-over kids in the media are biracial or multiracial. Mixed kids are often portrayed as the “most beautiful” kids, and the number of mixed babies born grows each year. north west While I believe that mixed kids are a positive change in America, I don’t think they should be treated as though they are better than children whose parents are the same race. Mixed people still experience prejudice and mistreatment based on skin color (ex: President Obama). A perfect example of this is the Cheerio’s Commercial Controversy of last year. They were a perfectly normal interracial family and they still received a ton of backlash and criticism.

While we still have to face people who don’t support the interracial movement and the acceptance of all cultures, there are still a lot of people exploring interracial dating and trying to see what other options are out there. I think all young people should try interracial dating at least once, it’s a fun and interesting experience, and at the very least you can answer some questions you’ve always had about other races.

To further explain the impact mixed kids and interracial couples are making on America, here’s a PSA:

Whether or not you choose to support or pursue your own interracial relationship, you can’t deny the change they’re making. Interracial relationships are a positive change in America, and they’re helping to remove racial barriers everyday.


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