Frat Star or Too Far?


In recent decades, there has been an influx in hazing related dates throughout fraternities. Hazing dates all the back to when fraternities first became prevalent on college campuses. Although, it was not until recently that they have witnessed a fairly large number of deaths as a result of these barbarous rituals. Hazing commonly consists of humiliating and dangerous activities performed by the pledges of the fraternity, those whom are seeking membership.


The following news report discusses a Dartmouth student’s grueling pledge process.


The problem surrounding hazing, is that nothing is being implemented to put a stop to it. As discussed in this video, the student went to administration and exposed what was being done throughout the fraternity and suggested they investigate. Instead, it was simply swept under the rug and not much at all was done about the situation.

Many of the deaths that occur as a result of hazing are usually due to excessive alcohol consumption. In the past years, there has been multiple deaths that occurred because pledges were forced or encouraged to drink excessive amounts of alcohol. In fact, in one fraternity alone, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, has had six deaths in less than ten years. This number does not factor in non-related hazing deaths that were linked to the fraternity and parties that were thrown by them.


Recently, SAE has taken measures to put an end to these types of activities by getting rid of the pledging process altogether. The new members become initiated brothers without going through the antics imposed by the older fraternity members.

Although, these measures should not have to be taken. In fact, many people enjoy the pledging process if it is not taken to extremes. By the time initiation comes around, they have spent so much time together that they have created new friendships, bonds, and memories. Once they are initiated brothers, their role in the fraternity turns completely around.

The fraternities that you hear about in the news are only a very small fraction. In fact, most fraternities haze but not to the point that it becomes reckless. However, because only their bad qualities have been exposed, those who do not have personal connections with greek life have adopted these views toward fraternities. They are not being noted for the fact that they shape men into well rounded gentleman by the end of their four years together. Nor that they put endless hours toward community service and other endeavors. Those who make the pledging process so dangerous that it ends with fatalities, are the ones who are determining the reputation of Greek life as a whole.

No one is subjected to hazing. At any point, a member of  fraternity can choose to back out. Hazing is still happening, and every year students continue to rush fraternities knowing this. Banning pledging will take away from the reason why people choose to join fraternities. Bonds will become harder to form and not many will truly earn their place in their organization. This is why rules must be enforced to put an end to the type of hazing that has resulted in the deaths of so many students.

For some comic relief, this is a tweet from a twitter user shows that hazing will not always end in deaths.

To further learn more about today’s fraternity mess-ups, visit gawker’s bad frat accounts. 


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