Effects of Video Games on Aggression Levels

Gamers already have a bad reputation for just being gamers. We are seen as the group of outcasts who prefer to play on our computer screens or TV’s rather than go and socialize. In some cases this may be true. Gamers could prefer to stay in one night and beat a level or create a new map to their favorite game; however, we would never go out and kill someone. Everyone deals with anger and aggression in difScreen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.45.42 AMferent ways. Some people scream into their pillows, some bottle it up, and some even work out. Gamers can find their peace through video games. It’s a zone where everything is in your control as the user. We aren’t some demonic gamer such as this twitter account says we are.

Also, not all children act like this picture depicts: violent-video-games-poll

Children at a young age do play these games but never do you see children committing violent acts that raise such awareness. This depiction is pure fantasy that has merely been accepted and molded into the minds of parents today. Video games have been seen as the answer to why people commit violent acts. Once people find out that a violent act has been committed by a gamer, everyone jumps straight to video games. There are other factors out there that can alter your aggression levels such as environment, drugs, alcohol, or whether or not you’re just naturally aggressive.

Parents should also be regulating their children’s video game consumption:

One of the best examples I could find of getting angry over video games is KSI. KSI is a you-tuber who is known for his hilarious, yet momentary fits of anger over video games. This video on his channel (ksiolajidebt) is a compilation of his biggest “rage” moments. Beware: Volume warning and crude language!

Alright. You’re probably convinced that even regular sports games such as FIFA could cause aggression in people. This is not the case. KSI ,also known as JJ to his family and friends, is a happy going guy with no acts of violence committed. He is one of the few players out there to get very angry yet he is perfectly fine with zero intentions of violence. Although he has broken a controller or two in his life, KSI proves that you can have a momentary rise in aggression levels but still be non-violent. Here in another video, he is seen as more calm and collected. He goes on a trip with his brother to L.A. Who better knows KSI than his own brother?

You see? Even if you are aggressive with video games, you can still be a non-violent person. You can be happy going and fun to be around. KSI creates youtube videos and plays games for a living. He is a prime example of how you can momentarily be angry at video games without having long term effects on the mind.

Check this out! 90% of children play video games. 90%. So why aren’t they all violent?



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