Polygamy and Business Today. Infidelity, Pop Culture and the Success of AshleyMadison.com

The Polygamy Business, a business incredibly successful in todays age due to the fact that infidelity is surrounding us in our everyday life especially in today’s popular culture, where we see infidelity as an incredibly popular subject. Take two of the largest aspects of pop culture, music and television, for example. 90210 (the 2008 version) hits on a different side of infidelity, the side where a wife, Naomi’s mom in this case, knows her husband is cheating and decides not to do anything about it. Even in reality shows, such as True Tori, Tori Spelling is constantly struggling trying to work through saving her relationship with her husband Dean after he cheated on her. But cheating is a huge topic that various mediums of media hit on, not just television.

Infidelity and cheating is also a huge topic when it comes to todays music. One of the first songs that comes to mind is “Before he Cheats by Carrie Underwood in which she sings about keying her cheating lovers car, slashing his tires and hitting it with a louisville slugger. The whole point of the song is made prevalent in the chorus when she sings “Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats”, hoping that he has learned what happens when he cheats on a loved one such as her. One last example is the song “Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake in which he talks about a girl cheating on him and how now she came back to him now and is sad but that she can just cry about it because Justin is sick of being sad. What makes all of these mediums of infidelity media so unique is the fact that they all have hit on different ways the lover who has been cheated on copes with the issue and how so many different people have experienced the issue of infidelity.

In the United States for instance, There are 10 million swingers according to ABC News in their “Swingers Next Door” segment. In 2012 there were 125,000 divorces in France alone according to Charlotte Le Van, a professor of sociology who is quoted in a New York Times article, “Extramarital Dating Site Unsettles the Land of Discreet Affairs”. Men and women across the globe are having trouble with their marriages and Noel Biderman, one of the founders of AshleyMadison.com, has honed in on this and made a worldwide business from the worlds population and their huge monogamy issue today. In an article from Forbes.com, “Even in The Tinder Era, Adultery Site Ashley Madison Keeps Making Money Hand Over Fist“,  Noel Biderman claimed “[I]understand the problems of monogamy and the people who need my service. I think I have been able to build a product for them”, quite ironic considering he himself is in a monogamous marriage.


In a marriage or not Noel Biderman gets how to run a business. The numbers have already begun to show Biderman and his colleagues success because according to an article on Motherboard.com,  “How Ashley Madison Pulled Back the Curtain on Japan’s ‘Infidelity Economy‘”, in 2013 Ashley Madison pulled in a revenue of 125 million dollars. If you are curious as to how other parts of the world are criticizing Ashley Madison continue to the podcast below:


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