Open Your Eyes People

Advertising has been around in our country for more than 50 years and I believe that it is time for people to start noticing the advertisements that matter rather than the ones with the 50% off sale. Over time the advertisement has revolutionized in an excellent way, but also decreased in the real ideas behind the ads. The point of an advertisement is to get a point across to your audience and display what your company or organization is trying to promote. Advocating Advertisements are something different, something more powerful, something that makes the views recognize there is more to life than clothes and money. Advocating Advertisements are ads that are trying to get a message about to the by standers.

They are trying to let the country know that something needs help and you are the one to do it. Advocating ads, also known as issue ads, are a way to express what is going on and what needs more attention. These ads have deeper meaning than your average shoe and hotel ad. Many of these ads are very powerful and appealing to the eye but you may ask yourself, then why don’t they work? Well, thats because its not the ad its the people looking at the ad. Major organizations like the SPCA have been putting ads out on the internet, TV, and hanging them high in the skyline on billboards for many of years now.More people are aware of the problem, but not enough. The SPCA created a strong commercial in hopes of getting the word out, that animals are in need of help.  

Many people put the time and effort into issue ads and everyone just does not care because it is not about them.  People need to wake up and realize that it may not concern them directly but if some of these problems do not get fixed, then later on in life it will start effecting them. Even if everyone helped in way and that could be by spreading awareness

IMG_7203 for causes, it would help tremendously. It would show others that since someone else is spreading the issue,rather than just these large companies. With just a simple retweet on twitter or a post on facebook, you can help advocate an ad for something greater than the shoes in your closet. In the research that I did about these advocating advertisements, I learned that companies pay billion dollars for social issues, political issues and even environmental issues to get noticed from these ads. Both consumer ads and issue ads are using the same techniques to develop their ads, so it is kind of ridiculous how the consumer ads are more popular among americans. Just like the SPCA there are many organizations and companies out their trying to help out as much as they can. Also, there are many more ads out there dying to be noticed. Just remember the next time you look at a billboard or any other advertisement that is advocating for something, they are pushing you to help with a cause while a shoe ad is pushing you to decrease your wallet size.


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