Boy Crazy!!

Starting college and living with new girls I thought it would be like a slumber party every night.  To tell the truth is it. This is because the main topic of conversation seems revolve around boys only.  The college atmosphere allows females to interact with guys on agirls_are_boy_crazy_pm-thumb-270x270 constant basis making them a topic of discussion.  This has lead to the latest app, Tinder, which allows different sexes to interact with each other, which can result in a relationship based on image rather than personality.  This interaction has lead to “Boys Boys Boys” being the only state of mind as introduced by Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga). The idea of being boy crazy usually starts around becoming a preteen continuing through the teenage years.

It all starts with the “holy books” of love teen magazines, but more specifically Seventeen magazine (White, 136).  Teenage years are tough to handle without having a magazine to rely on for advice.  Teen magazines, especially Seventeen, provides teens with insight on the latest fashion, health, and beauty.  Not only do they implement these themes across their monthly magazines, but what they also integrate the topic of boys.  Seventeen sets an emphasis on the idea of finding the right boy and teaches girls how to accomplish this, which starts the boy crazy girl scenario. Below Beyoncé’s song “Baby Boy” shows the type of girl in a boy crazy state of mind (Vevo).  She refers to the guy that is constantly in her head making her go insane.


After watching the music video boy crazy girl usually entails neediness, desperation, craziness, annoyance, and insecurities.  Seventeen aims it’s magazine at the non-popular girls that question their abilities of maintaining or obtaining a relationship with a guy.  These girls increase Seventeens revenue because they buy more magazines to ensure that they have resources to refer to about boys. Boy crazy girls strive to get the best and be the best option for a guy.  While the ideal guy is shown across the magazine through different advertisements as well as articles, they also have a depiction of the perfect girl.  Seventeen sets perfection standards on a level that is near to impossible for average teens.

Although Seventeen magazine portrays the “ideal” girl in every magazine the “ideal” boy is also presented.  The typical perfect guy would be tall, tan, broad, fit, strong jaw, ambitious, intelligent, athletic, and goal oriented.  All of these characteristics are what boy crazy girls are after.  Seventeen has turned girls into monsters. Girl monsters are after one thing and that is hot boy blood.


At the end of each magazine that I have analyzed from the varying 2013 and 2014 editions, Seventeen magazine continues to find ways to manipulate girls into changing who they are for a guy. How long will our society let this trend continue? Should teens have these kind of resources available to them at their finger tips?  Would you want your kids to have this unattainable image in order to feel desirable by the opposite sex?  Having this sense of pressure on a constant basis to go after the perfect guy and to become the perfect girl is daunting.

I do not want to conform to societies “ideal” girl for a guy.  I just want to be me.  As a 19 year old female college student, this is something I would not want my future to contain.  I hope in the future girls have more confidence in themselves when it comes to relationships.


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