Food Conspiracies in the Meat and Dairy Industry

How many times have you been told growing up and throughout life to eat plenty of meat for adequate protein or milk as a main source of calcium? What if i told you that humans, mainly Americans, are consuming too much meat and dairy products and it is have major impacts in a variety of ways. The livestock industry is responsible for deforestation, water pollution, air pollution, greenhouse gases, global warming, erosion and human obesity. The livestock industry is a greater contributor of carbon dioxide emissions than all of the cas in the world.


The  Government is well aware of the repercussions of the American livestock industry and they are doing nothing about it. They are putting all of America’s health at risk because meat and dairy consumption are one of the greatest links to cardiovascular disease, the number one killer in America, along with other major diseases such as cancer. It is the Government’s responsibility to take care of its citizens, and they are failing by withholding information and not doing anything about the environment or American health. The Government has deals with the livestock industry that protect them and their expanding practices which is probably a big reason as to why the issue is not being taken seriously, and nothing serious has been done to fix the issues at hand.

Americans and humans alike would never be able to give up meat and dairy products because they are selfish and feel entitled to eat what they want because they can. The videos above describe that leading a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle would greatly benefit the environment and their own health, saving lives and billions of dollars in medical care costs. It is a shame we cannot get everyone to come together or at least cut the consumption rates because they are astronomical, and it is impossible for the livestock industry to keep up. Since there is such a high demand, especially in the United States, more natural resources are exhausted to raise more cattle and try to produce more to keep up with the increasing population and demand. It will soon be impossible to provide enough food and other natural resources to feed everyone. The Government needs to step up and take these issues much more seriously because otherwise we will be unprepared for the disasters that will result in with limited resources to accommodate the world.

Some argue that a vegan lifestyle does not supply sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein and so on to maintain a healthy diet. This is farthest from the truth, and those who are unhealthy on a vegan diet are not doing it correctly. Hundreds of studies have been done to prove how much it helps with weight loss, overall health, and quality of life and all the tests conclude with impressive results that prove cutting down meat and dairy, or better yet not eating it at all, has profound positive effects on the human body.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.11.41 AM

The photo below shows many plant sources of protein, proving you do not need meat to lead a healthy lifestyle; in fact, meat deteriorates your health.


It is important people realize how much trouble our species is in and we must act now to preserve the planet for future generations.

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