For the Love of the Game

College athletics are widely watched and followed by people all across the United States. We follow college football, always wanting to know the rankings of the top ten teams. We watch March Madness, making brackets trying to win the imaginary billion dollars if the bracket is completely perfect (which never happens). College lacrosse, baseball and soccer are on the rise, becoming more popular each year. One thing people do not realize, is that these sports they are watching is a bunch of college students in their late teens, early twenties that do not get paid. Most of these athletes at the bigger school have some time of scholarship or maybe even a full scholarship paying for their education. The purpose in going to college is to get an education, not to play sports. Sure, it is possible to go professionally in that sport, but the odds are slim. College athletes should not be paid because, education is top priority, should play because they love the game, and it would hurt the entire game of watching and competitiveness.
There is huge controversy on this topic whether college athletes should be paid or not. In reality, having their education paid for is technically paying College athletes. Although college athletes bring in massive amounts of revenue, they are living the dream. Being a college athlete has an incredible amount of benefits. They get to be broadcasted on television for basically every game. If one is a college football athlete, they are the face of the university. The entire school comes out to these games, repping their school gear cheering these athletes on. The craziest part of being a college athlete is the fact that they are so young. These athletes are in their late teens and early twenties playing college sports with their education paid for. What else could you ask for? College athletes could not ask for anything more. They are living the absolute dream and should be thankful for the fact that they are playing the sport they love.

In this video, legendary coach Lou Holtz is very passionate about college athletes not being paid.  He is a long time football coach for many different college teams.  He understands the college lifestyle of everyone being poor in their college years.  He believes that it would destroy the game and that it is not something that a college athlete should be receiving money.  He is very avid about college athletics and understands the game more than most people.

college-athletes-heavy-loadncaa reform

College athletes being paid is a huge controversy and will always be one.  People will have different views on it and there are good arguments on both sides.  But in the end, the point of college is to get an education not make money playing sports.  it would be unfair to everyone if these athletes got paid.

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