decepTion RUles THe world

If you’re one to believe most of the information on the T.V., then I encourage you to keep scrolling!

Sometimes we don’t consider exactly how information gets recycled into our daily news stories or how accurate or truthful much of these stories actually are.

Well, what if I told you that most of the mainstream media that is broadcasted on T.V. today is controlled by only six mega-corporations?

Okay wait, doesn’t each individual network have its own agenda? Not really. These large corporations only really care about two things: money and reputation. They will control each subnetwork to an extent where the bigger company still looks good.

Lets pull back these curtains. Who are these six corporations that are controlling most of what we see and hear everyday?

ABC, ESPN, Lifetime, The History Channel are all owned by The Walt Disney Company. MTV, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures are all owned by Viacom. GE owns Comcast and NBC. News Corp owns Fox, and Wall Street Journal. Time Warner own HBO, Time, and CNN. Lastly, CBS owns Showtime and 60 minutes.

I’ve only given you a snap shot of an incredibly long list of other networks these large companies are affiliated with.

Here’s a Think Tank video that helps to elaborate on some of the stories in which media censorship is in action, expanding a companies network to control what they want you to think:

Now, lets follow this trend: Keyshawn Johnson was a former NFL star and a current sports analyst on the infamous ESPN network (owned by Disney). He decided to jazz things up with his persona and join the cast of Dancing with the Stars on the ABC Network (also owned by Disney). Ironic? Probably not. All that makes me think is that he was granted the EZpass from one network to the next all for the fame–and money.

He even says, “I didn’t want to do it.” *Ka-ching Ka-ching*

Just to clear things up, I’m not telling you that you should boycott television altogether. I mean come on, we love television. But I would say that learning the fact that companies want to make money and will succeed at the expense of the truth is, sadly, the modern reality. It’s so devious from the companies perspective because of course they want the public to approve of what they display. That is what leads to more advertisements–people liking what they hear. That is what leads to more money.

One prime example of this was mentioned in the video above, during the BP oil spill in 2010. BP was desperate to find a way, anyway at all, to “plug up” the millions of gallons of crude oil that were being pumped into the Gulf of Mexico. Their final desicion? Corexit. Corexit is an extremely toxic chemical that was used in the gulf to help disperse the spilled oil. What BP failed to mention to the public was the Gulf had now become more toxic than ever, just less noticeable. This whole story was “softened” to the public just so BP could avoid a fine? Well I wonder how how much money they lost after the real story came out. Sorry BP, but it turns out Corexit was not “as safe as Dawn dish soap.”

Here’s a short clip of an expert’s thoughts after BP’s decision to use Corexit:

The fact that one company can have the ability to control how the public perceives a certain situation just to uphold its own reputation and save a few Benjamins is demoralizing. Now, think of how much information these mega-corporations can control. Especially when they keep getting larger.




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