Corporate Overtake of Modern Medicine

Humans are all supposedly given the inherent right to equality. However today, if you or a loved one have been affected by cancer or disease, which is most likely since 318 people out of 100,000 have cancer in the US, then you have been replaced by merely a statistic (Data for cancer frequency). Corporations and federal agencies have not decreased the cancer rate, but instead they have actually increased it. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has increased 76%, thyroid cancer has increased 124%, child leukemia has increased by 55%, and nearly every other cancer has had large increases in frequency with all mostly due to preventable causes (“Is It Running For The Cure”). Organizations like the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute have done there absolute best to make sure that cancer research has been nearly come to a halt. They have achieved this through the spreading of misinformation, careless use of funds, and purposefully slowing down and halting cancer research. Stephen Bocking came up with a “glossary of distortion” of things corporations intentionally do to skew and manipulate science to benefit their needs even if it comes at the cost of others.Glossary of Distortion

The American Cancer Societies Arizona branch was reported using 95% of its contributions and donations on overhead and salaries (“Is It Running For The Cure”). The Tampa Bay Times reports that 5 out of the top 11 most corrupt charities are for cancer: #2 Cancer Fund of America, #4 American Breast Cancer Foundation, #6 Breast Cancer Relief Foundation, #10 Children’s Cancer Fund of America, and #11 Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation. These 5 charities alone gave $271.2 million dollars to solicitors instead of using the money for what it was intended for (America’s Worst Charities).


There is even corruption on the individual level, rather than just on the corporate level. In 2000 Daniel Wiant, an administrative officer for the American Cancer Society, wired $6.9 million into one of his personal offshore accounts. He admitted to have stolen up to $8 million over the past three years before he was arrested (Decamp). Corporate corruption in medicine has been happening for nearly a century, however, it has only been recently that we have identified and started to deal with this corruption.

The only way for this to ever end is for people around the globe to stand up to corporations. Whether by boycotting prescription drugs or political protests, something needs to happen before you are also only just a statistic. Here is a long but very provoking video on pharmaceutical corruption.

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