Television Solves Problems

Media is constantly buzzing about celebrities, politics and world issues. Many people find this to be an issue and feel that it causes more problems, but is that necessarily true?

For many years the world was dealing with issues referring to racial discrimination. Protests, riots and speeches about this issue were being televised daily getting more people aware of what was going on. Due to the fact that these were broadcasted on television and covered by the news throughout the country it reached more people. Although there was still controversy about this issue, people started to accept one another more no matter what race one was.

In 1966 Startrek released an episode with (debatably) the first interracial kiss on television ever. After this television premiere it was the constant talk of the media and there was more of a sense of acceptance in the world. Below is the scene from Startrek of the interracial kiss.

Through television the issue of racial discrimination was virtually solved; however, once that issue was solved another issue arose. Gay rights.

Just like racial discrimination, there were protests and riots about peoples sexualities. Through magazines and newspapers that were advocating for gay rights people started to become more open minded. These articles in magazines and newspapers reached many; however, television shows that were pro gay rights reached people more. Actually seeing how these couples interact got to people more then just reading an article.

Television shows such as Glee, Modern Family, and Orange is the New Black are helping those of the LGBT community come out and be proud of it. These shows also show acceptance from others whom are not in the LGBT community which shows viewers that they should do the same. Below is a clip from Glee showing one of the main characters, Santana, coming out to her cheerleading team.

18 year old Lauren Cooke said, “Glee has been my support system, teacher and encourager. There is not a doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have come out of my shell without Glee. After seeing Kurt come out and then Kurt and Blaine and Santana and Brittany, I realized that sexuality doesn’t need to be a big deal, people love who they love. I also learned that everyone deserves to be accepted, not just tolerated.”

Television has nearly solved the issue of racial discrimination and gay rights. Today 35 states have legalized gay marriage; so why do people think media is bad? It solves problems!

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