Tattoos: The Real Meaning Behind the Ink

So what really is behind all the ink that people have on their bodies? It’s meaning. While tattoos are being more accepted as generations change, they are still frowned upon in many different aspects. For example, the work force. Generally, if one is trying to get a job, they need to hide their tattoos. But why should someone have to hide who they are or something important in their life? They shouldn’t. Just because someone is tatted doesn’t mean they are any less educated or any less of a person. IMAGE Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 2.22.02 PM

This picture proves exactly what I was just talking about. The workforce looks down upon tattoos, but having them does put one at any less advantage. Here is a picture of a man who is covered in tattoos, but he also just landed a spacecraft on a comet…now that is impressive. How many of us can do that? Not too many. This is also a tweet that connects with this picture. This tweet is simple and effective, intelligence is not measured appearance.

The reasons behind tattoos are endless. Tattoos are simply an act of self-expression, they are considered art. Some of the reasons that people ink their body consist of an overcoming or change in life, a cultural or religious symbol, memorializing a loved one, possession, or even just for decoration.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 8.56.31 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-16 at 2.20.37 PM

In this picture, we see a mans back with a map of the world. This man wants to travel the world, and every time he goes to a new country, he gets that country colored in. To him, this is an accomplishment. Personally I find this to be very interesting and a perfect example of self-expression. This may be something simple or stupid to someone else, but to him, this is something important.

Here is also a picture of a woman who had a severe skin disease, where her whole body looked as if it was burned. Her go to: tattoo everywhere. She wanted to feel beautiful, and unless her disease was covered, that was not going to happen.

Above is a link to a video about a tattoo TV series called Ink Masters. This is a show about people who get tattoos and why they love them so much. In the video there is one line that really struck me, “Life is full of pain, most of it we didn’t ask for, it just happened to us. So when we choose to feel pain, there is a very good reason for it.” There are people all over who get tattoos for surviving the holocaust or surviving cancer. They get these to have a reminder everyday of the horrible struggles that they were put through, but that they survived, they persevered. It is sad that tattoos are looked down upon. People with tattoos don’t care if your not tattooed, but when it is the other way around then there is disagreement. This just doesn’t make any sense. Whether tattoos are done for a deep meaning or something simple, they are there for the “reminder of personal connections” (New York Times). Tattoos are a healing process, not something that should be looked down on in anyway.



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