Facebook: Ruining Relationships one Post at a time

Every day, every minute, even every second someone is logging into Facebook. They may be catching up on current events, or connecting with friends, but lately many people have become obsessed with viewing their romantic partners profile. This shows Just how many people are using Facebook not only to stalk their current partner, but Facebook is drastically used for stalking ones ex partner. “As many as one-third use Facebook to keep tabs on former romantic partners.” That is a very high number due to all the Facebook users all over the world. Doing this also makes it harder for one to move and makes the breakup worse than it needs to be. 


On top of Facebook resulting in much more stalking, it also has been the cause of many more divorces all over the world. People have an easier time connecting with old partners and also an easier time hiding it from their current partners, and because of that fights are caused which tears couples apart more and more. “81% of divorce attorneys have seen an increase in the number of cases involving social media in the past 5 years and 66% say Facebook is the number one site.”

facebook tweet 2

This tweet basically questions what is really causing divorce. Even though it is said to be Facebook that is causing these divorces, it is the people using Facebook, not the website directly. Even though Facebook is questioned because of its security on the website. Facebook has been under a lot of pressure because of the security breeches that have occurred. Personal information on ones page have been leaked so anyone can look at it and also many peoples “chats,” are becoming public. That could be a main cause for cheating partners getting caught and would thus, link the website itself to the increase in divorce rates.

divorce graph This graph just proves how much divorce rate is increasing and how marriage is declining. Of course there is other factors other than Facebook that cause divorce, but a rise in the usage is correlated with the rise in divorce.

Facebook was originally created as one of the first social medias that was used world wide for people to connect to each other. Now there is the question if Facebook is doing more harm than good? For being originally created for nothing but good, Facebook has caused a lot of problems and it is believed that more problems will arise, especially if social media keeps growing the way it is.

The song “Jealous,” by Nick Jonas just pulls in the fact that jealousy is a natural instinct, especially when one truly cares about another person, but Facebook has brought jealousy to another whole level. Jealousy is know as the “little green monster,” and it really brings out the worst in many people. Many partners are getting jealous over each other if they like the opposite sex post or picture. Facebook is causing fights and break-ups over little things such as “likes.” A little jealousy is good in relationships, but one has to know when they take it too far.

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