What Are Weddings Really About?

Little girls begin to dream about their perfect wedding very early in their life. They imagine where they want their wedding to be, who will be invited, and what colors and flowers will be used. They dream up their ideal wedding, but the one thing they do not know is who they are going to marry. Even when they grow older, girls think about their wedding. They have different ideas of where, who, what and when but still do not know their future husband. This cycle continues until their engagement, then they know who will actually be waiting for them at the end of the aisle.

The focus of weddings for most brides is the wedding details. The focus is not the groom or the wedding, but how they will entertain their guests and be sure their wedding is the best wedding possible.

wedding tweetIf you go to the link in this tweet, brides show you 20 tips for planning weddings. One bride says, “My advice: I know the day is about you, but make sure your guests are having a blast. Don’t run out of booze.” The rest of the brides give nice advice about how to keep calm during the wedding and remember its about marrying the love of their life. However, this first bride’s focus seems to be about her guests. And this seems to be the common trend with modern weddings. The wedding is aimed to make sure their friends and family are having a good time.

In this clip from Four Weddings, the bride puts on a trapeze show for her guests before the ceremony. All of the guests gather around to watch the trapeze artists perform, and then the bride herself descends from the top of the top of the barn.


Because of this need to have the best wedding, the average cost of weddings are at a high since 2008. Weddings are a huge industry today. Thousands of dollars are spent on food, venue, the perfect dress, and flowers. The couple throws a huge wedding reception to make their guests happy.


With these costs come a lot of planning. There are websites like The Knot where brides can look at wedding dresses, flowers, venues, photographers, cakes, escort cards, and anything else you could think of that adds to the many wedding details. The website even has sample engagement photos you might want to show the photographer and wedding hairstyles to show the hair stylist.

Even though the average wedding costs close to $30,000, DIY (do it yourself) weddings are becoming more popular. Websites like Pinterest have a whole section of pins dedicated to weddings. There are different ideas for brides to use at their own wedding. There are ideas of how to ask your best friend to be your bridesmaid, how to leave the wedding using sparklers, how to be creative with the guest book, or how to be unique with your escort cards. There are even articles on different pins like “Everything You Need To Know About Being An All-Star Maid Of Honor In One Easy Checklist.” Pinterest gives brides different ways to make them think they are being creative and unique on their wedding day.

With all of this planning comes a lot of stress. In this clip from the television show, Bridezilla, bride Adrianne reacts to the stress of her wedding.



Brides are so caught up on the details that their priorities are not intact. In the first clip from, Say Yes To The Dress, bride Cherine talks about how if she does not find her perfect dress then she won’t even get married.

Weddings are supposed to be about two people marrying each other because they love and care about one another. Family and friends come to watch two people commit to a life long relationship and celebrate the newlyweds new life together! Yes, you can make weddings fun for your guests. Yes, you might want the “perfect” dress. But bridezillas need to take a deep breath and step back and look at the big picture. Your wedding is about you and the person you love, and to celebrate the next step you took together in life.

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