Turn Up; Will You Be Anytime Soon?

Source: www.breezejmu.org
Source: http://www.breezejmu.org

As the first year of college comes closing to an end, I highly doubt that any of you made it through one week without hearing someone somewhere mention the phrase “turn up.” This new “trippy movement” which Juicy J calls, seem to has everyone and their brother participating in it. Stemming from college campuses, their basement parties, and the music that is played at these events, hip-hop artists and students around the country have successfully been able to start a movement that encourages the use of illegal drugs and binge drinking.

I don’t know anyone who uses this term or advocates “turning up” more than the popular hip-hop artist Juicy J, who recently paid a visit here at JMU. As a member of the audience for his concert, I can tell you I probably heard “turn up” 60 times that night between him and his opener Sage the Gemini alone. Not counting the amount of times I heard other students say it. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year then I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard all this talk about turning up. Listen to any of Juicy J’s songs and you’ll soon understand what exactly”turning up” involves.


Literally any song from Juicy J… The man promotes using drugs and alcohol more than anyone I’ve ever heard. The song above couldn’t display his view of drugs any better. Continuously chanting, “you say no to drugs, Juicy J can’t” it becomes even more obvious this mans love affair with not being sober. No surprise then, that a few students encountered some trouble at the concert here the other week. According to  The Breeze “by the end of the night there were two reported medical assists for alcohol-related illness, two liquor law violations and one reported drug arrest involving marijuana”(http://www.breezejmu.org). When an artist whose latest album all but three songs talk about getting high or smoking weed, its inevitable that trouble follows him around the country.

Jeff Rosenthal, a writer for Rollingstone magazine, states that a Juicy J concert is

“Like church for all things sacrilegious”

IMG_5117Take one look at his Instagram or Twitter and without a doubt you’ll find something hash tagged “turn up” or talking about drugs. This becomes a problem when someone so popular and influential with the youth of our nation advocates for such things. It is clear that as drug laws lessen from state to state the more inclined people are to doing drugs. This becomes clear when we realize the percentage of respondents in America who have tried molly (one of Juicy J’s drugs of choice) rose to 60.9% from 2012 to 2013. While during this same time period the percentage of people who had tried marijuana in some form reached an all time high (no pun intended) of 88.4%(Global Drug Surveys).

Source: https://twitter.com/therealjuicyj
Source: https://twitter.com/therealjuicyj


As the popularity of marijuana and other drugs are growing, there is without doubt that Juicy J and other similar artists will continue to promote them. Hip-hop today, is obsessed with this idea of getting “turnt up” or “faded” and being in a distorted state of mind. Its only a matter of time before these artists are reprimanded for the same thing they sing about. Until then, we can expect to see many more posts involving alcohol and weed from Juicy J.


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