Turn that damn music off

People believe that while going to the movies they are just having a good family outing but in reality they are being brainwashed! Yes that’s right, brainwashed! Now don’t let me confuse you it isn’t some sort of Tyler Durden project mayhem style of putting subliminal images in our movies, instead its an even more subtle and much more effective form.

While watching whatever movie it may be, because they all do it, the director has us at his complete control by playing music. Yes, music is what has our mind at its complete control. So lets go over why exactly they have this control over us. Numerous studies have talked about the evil effects of this music. First above all else we need to look into how it effects our brains. When the music plays we have a release of two very powerful chemicals in our brain. brainThe first one being Dopamine is known by many as a feel good drug and will make you be more alert and have a boost in energy. This leads to a more engaged state as the music is playing and forces us to be more aware of certain things in the movie. Dopamine also is related to expectations meaning that at any time the director has the power to play this music and force us to create thoughts or guesses related to the film whether we want to or not. http://www.pnas.org/content/98/20/11818.SHORT. The second chemical that is released is Serotonin and what serotonin is responsible for is controlling the amount of tension we have. So when we hear the music all tension that was building is very abruptly brought to an end. And the directors all know this so they effectively use it to dictate our entire experience. The effects do not stop here music attaches us to characters through a heighten sense of emotion, it activates our abstract thinking centers of the brain, it even has control over some motor control. But even if you are still doubting that music can really do these things you can turn to neuroscientist Aniruddh D. Patel who would gladly alleviate all of your doubts.

Now I was always under the impression that at the movies I would have free will to like or dislike certain characters but as you can clearly see this is not the case. But aside from how the directors literally control our minds we need to look at one other horrible thing that music does to the movie. Spoilers. I’m not sure if others feel the same way but music is the biggest spoiler and frankly it pisses me off that every movie does it. The best example of what I’m talking about is Jaws. We all know exactly what I’m taking about as soon as you hear the word Jaws. That classic “duhhh dum, duhhhh dummm” this is the biggest spoiler of all time because as soon as we hear it, it isn’t hard to know what’s going to happen. In the movie there is on exception when the music doesn’t play and that is the climax of the movie. So why have it in the first place? And the issue is, Jaws is not the only film to use this dramatic music before something significant, almost all movies do it and while they are not a household sound like Jaws they are still there.

But thankfully for the film world there has been an effort made by some directors to eliminate this. No Country for Old Men, directed by the Coen Brothers, successfully utilized this lack of music and made an extremely successful movie. No Country is an incredibly dramatic and gut wrenching thriller with twist and turns that the audience cannot see coming due to the lack of spoiling music. Check out the gripping scene below.

We need to all personally thank the Coen Brothers for putting together a movie such as this and the world should know that movies are better off without this annoying soundtrack that holds our hands through the plot.

audactiy recording



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