Music Festivals and Destructive Decisions: Drug use

passed out

There are many different reasons why Music festivals prompt us to make bad decisions, one being how nowadays, they present and plan their presentation of performances to appeal to those high on drugs, and incorporate other activities and attractions during the festival that people that are high or whacked out of their mind would find entertaining. For example, The concert Tour Pretty Lights, is centered more around incorporating trippy lighting into their show, than the type of music that is played. Usually, the lighting used in concerts is based of the music, but that is the opposite here. The exotic lighting determines what music they feel best to go along with it. It is this type of thinking that is changing what Music festivals are all about. Yes Lighting plays a part in the presentation, but is this a light show or a Music festival? I think all that it is creating is a prime opportunity to be high on acid and Molly, and look at some cool lights. It’s obvious just by it’s title “pretty lights” that the lights will be the main attraction, so inevitably, so will drug use. Here is a Clip of One of the Pretty Lights Concerts:

Here is an Audio Clip of a personal Interview of Kelly Colton,a Freshman here at JMU, on her thoughts about drug use at concerts, and her experience at Pretty Lights: 



As we all know, Drugs impair our ability to think clearly by slowing down our reaction time, but as for the more intense narcotics often used at music festivals, they can cause a person to hallucinate things that are not really there, and mistake one thing for another. Before you say, ” oh my god, that would be so awesome”, take a look at this clip of a girl under the influence of drugs at Coachella, who thinks a tree is an actual human being…would you want to be her? Seems pretty embarrassing if you ask me:

In Addition to total embarrassment, using drugs at Music Festivals can lead to getting in trouble with the law, serious health complications, injuries, and in the most extreme incidents, death.  Another reason why drug use is so prevalent at Music Festivals is because Drug use is often glamorized by popular artists , for example by Miley Cyrus and Kanye West. You are more likely to participate in doing drugs after hearing songs that promote it at festivals as opposed to when you listen to the same song alone in your room. The large crowds of people add  peer pressure and the potential fear of missing out, both contribute to people participating in drug use. But Im pretty sure the possibility of “missing out” is a better opportunity cost then losing your life. Deaths at concerts due to drug overdoses are happening too often, and would not be as prevalent if Music Festivals changed their drug promoting culture.

Here is a Public Service Announcement Advocating not to take drugs at music festivals, and just to enjoy the music:



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