Dads Against Dangerous Sports

As a concerned father, whose child is starting to play sports, I worry about the safety of  my little bundle of joy. I want him to play sports and be an athletic individual but I also do not want him to get hurt. I have asked him repeatedly what sport he wants to play and the only answer I get is soccer. I never had a problem with soccer when I was growing up. It was not a very popular sport in the United States when I was a kid so I never really got into it. Now, it seems to be growing in America, as more and more of todays’ youth put themselves at risk.

When my son told me that he wanted to play soccer, like any good parent, I researched the sport. I wanted to have at least a simple understanding of the game. As I went through the research, I was surprised at what I discovered. The first thing that caught my eye during my research was from Fox News. According to the article, in Brazil, a soccer referee was killed, mutilated, decapitated, and his head was placed on a stake at midfield. Wow!….. If this does not scare you, then I don’t know what will. An official of the sport was murdered and decapitated by the spectators. First of all, what kind of sport allows a referee to stab a player to death and then, on that same day, allow that same referee to be brutally murdered.

This video shows the aftermath of the spectators attack on the referee-

I know this may be an isolated incident for soccer, but how often do you hear of a baseball umpire getting decapitated? This is what is scary for me as a very worried parent. I know that the sadistic events took place in Brazil and my child will probably never play anywhere but the United States. However, the shear potential of something like that happening again is enough for me to second guess my child’s participation in the sport.

Another example of violence within soccer is the riot that was held on Friday, May 2, 2014. Again, in Brazil, a fan was struck in the head by a toilet bowl that was thrown off the stadium by rival spectators, instantly killing him. Along with the death, 40 people were arrested for fighting outside the stadium. In this same city, the World Cup will be hosted in a couple months from now. This is a wake up call for the spectators going to watch the games. The onlookers are going to be rowdy and obnoxious. Both the players and fans are at risk of disaster this World Cup, mark my words.

Many people may recognize soccer as a “girly” sport that lacks action and excitement. However, some individuals have seen the problems caused by soccer violence. Even when compared to other sports, soccer is still viewed as very deadly. As the tweet below jestingly acknowledges, soccer is a dangerous sport.

So, doing research on soccer probably was not the smartest idea. Now I am going to worry even more for my little boy, knowing that the players not only have to watch out for attacks from other players, but also from the fans themselves. I know I cannot keep my boy in a bubble all his life so I think I am going to let him play, but I will definitely keep a close eye on him the whole time.




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