Prenatal Music Therapy


Music and sound are starting to play an active role in medicine.  Because of the advancement of technology and our improving knowledge on the development of life, it has been proven that when the baby is still in the womb it is a hearing, feeling, and sensing being (qtd. In Whitwell).  Hearing develops at three weeks old and the fetus can start to distinguish different types of music by six months.  When the baby is in the womb it starts to learn the different patterns and frequencies of sound of their particular language and culture.  The womb acts as a shield to outside noises; the sounds are muffled, but when the mother is talking there is almost no change in the frequency of the mother’s voice. With that being said, prenatal music therapy is making a magnificent impact to the healing arts.

Prenatal music therapy is getting many mother’s attentions and they are becoming curious whether to use this therapy or not.  This therapy is to help positively change the fetal development which is a great way to start off your pregnancy.  It can also be continued after the birth of the child to maintain the positive development.  You can use the therapy in three different ways such as using headphones, playing the music out loud, and singing to the fetus.  All of these methods have an effect on the fetus but no one specific way is better than the others.  After choosing the method of treatment, there are three important steps that are involved in the therapy.  You have to be aware of the music you choose, how frequently you expose the fetus, and continuing the therapy after the child is born.


Here are some important quotes that Deunov, Bach, and Berlioz thought about music:

Music brings an expansion into the soul, power and might into the spirit, tenderness and warmth into the heart and light and freedom into the mind. -Peter Deunov

Music is the highest of all sciences. -J. S. Bach

Music alone speaks at once to the imagination, the mind, the heart and senses. -Hector Berlioz


There are many benefits in using this prenatal therapy.  Some of these benefits include lowering of the heart rate, improved sleeping habits, reduced crying, better respiration, and earlier vocalization.  It also helps with providing a bonding opportunity, and positively changing the fetal brain development.  The most beneficial aspect of this therapy is helping the child with the transition from the womb to the outside world with the music that was played during the development of the baby.  Music is starting to influence babies intellectual skills including reasoning and memory.  Exposing children to a musical atmosphere can help with their health and growth development.


Music and sound is a very unique form of art because it has a special medicine performance that heals the body.




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