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Hey y’all just checking in to see how you like The Black Keys new single “Fever”. As the BIGGEST Black Keys fan EVER, I wanted to share my opinion of this new single as well as share the song with those of you who haven’t heard it yet.

“Fever” is the lead track from the bands eighth album, Turn Blue, and in my opinion, they’ve still got it.  Although this track stands out from the previous Black Keys style, it still incorporates the bluesy, garage band sound that has made this band famous. In a review of the song “Fever” one reviewer said that the song has a “fuzzy picked bass on the bottom and a candy-colored farfisa melody on top” (Graff, Gary. “The Black Keys, “Fever.”). I think this description pretty much sums up the Black Keys Style, which I have always seen as having lots of flavor and dynamic. For those of you who haven’t heard “Fever”… I must say I am very disappointed, but here is the link if you have missed out:

The upcoming album is going to feature 10 Tracks:

Turn Blue

Turn Blue Track list

1. Weight of Love

2. In Time

3. Turn Blue

4. Fever

5. Year in Review

6. Bullet in the Brain

7. It’s Up to You Now

8. Waiting on Words

9. 10 Lovers

10. In Our Prime

11. Gotta Get Away

Warning: (Those of you who have stumbled upon my blog are probably either Black Keys fans or music lovers who hope to learn more about The Black Keys.) Do not take on this song expecting to get a simmilar feel to some of the older Black Keys songs on albums like El’ Camino or Brothers. This track explores a slightly different sound, however it still amazing rhythm and lyrics that should get the Black Keys sound out there. In the Rolling Stone article “Black Keys Spiral in to Hypnotic New Song, Fever.”  by Jon Blistien, Carney also comments on the new track saying, that the band is  “always trying to push ourselves when we make a record—not repeat our previous work but not abandon it either,” Carney said. “On this record, we let the songs breathe and explored moods, textures and sounds. We’re excited for the world to hear Turn Blue.” Vocalist Dan Auerbach told Rolling Stone in 2012.”We never know what’s going to happen. We don’t talk about it. We don’t plan it. We start recording, and then all of a sudden it starts to take shape and we have an idea.” He added that each Black Keys record represents “a snapshot of a moment in time. We like to let them be like that Sort of a spontaneous thing.” (Graff, Gary. “The Black Keys, “Fever.”) I thought I would share this quote with you because it exemplifies the reason that I love the black keys so much: They are real and they go with the flow. They are real artists, real it the sense that they make the music that they want, and they deserve to get credit for this.

Which leads into the next thing that I would like to share with you guys.

While doing my daily stalking I came across a recent article in Rolling Stone about a recent conflict with The Black Keys and one of the more popular music sites today, Spotify. In an interview, Patrick Carney of the black keys discusses the fairness of this site, saying “If it was fair to the artist, we would be involved in it,” Carney told the station. “I imagine if Spotify becomes something that people are willing to pay for, then I’m sure iTunes will just create their own service, and they’re actually fair to artists.”


Patrick Cauley (Left) and Sean Parker (right)        Makarechi, Kia. “The Black Keys: Sean Parker is an A**hole, Spotify Isn’t Fair To Artists.” Huffington Post 28 March, 2012., Inc. Web. 10 April, 2014


I do believe that the listeners hold all the power in music because we are the ones who (directly or indirectly) can influence it the most. So I really encourage you guys to form your own opinion on the matter, but ill share with you my opinion, in case you are curious. Spotify is NOT producing their own product. Spotify is not making the music that they are allowing users to listen to on their site– they do not own the music– they just make it available. Whether it is unclear if music is owned by the record labels that employ the artists or to the artists themselves, there is no question that it is definitely not owned by Spotify. Spotify takes no part in the actual making of music, they only distribute it, so it is almost common sense that Spotify pay the proper amount to the owners of the products that they owe the businesses success to. According to Makarechi in a Huffington Post article “The Black Keys: Sean Parker is an A**hole, Spotify Isn’t Fair To Artists”, in 2012 Spotify claimed that they’ve paid artists over 100 Million in royalties but divided among all of the artists that are featured on Spotify, this pay is not nearly enough to properly compensate for the music that they produce. The Black Keys as a band clarify that they are not totally against Spotify, they just plan to keep their music off of Spotify until their are more subscribers, which will allow Spotify to pay more to the artists whose music they share.

As of right now The Black Keys have decided to keep their best selling album “El’ Camino” off of music streaming sites in hopes to encourage fans to purchase the album instead. So, with all of this drama, my views not necessarily set in stone. I listen to Spotify myself, and I used to think it was one of the greatest things to happen to the music industry because it allowed the fans to enjoy the music they love while also organizing the music in a way that makes it easy for new and upcoming artists to be discovered. But, with this news on the Black Keys, i’m not sure what to think. However what I do know is that all of you should not be passive music listeners. Realize how much time and effort your favorite musicians go through to make the music that you enjoy on a daily basis. As one music lover to another, I challenge you to be aware of how the technology that is making music so easy for you to listen to is actually affecting the artists that are making that music.

Spotify is not only upsetting just the black keys. In an interview with Ian Sloan– base member of  Caught a Ghost, who gave made their first appearance on the TDU stage in early April– I shared some of my views on Spotify. Mr. Sloan happened to be a user of the site himself,  and he agreed that music has become “amazingly convenient for the music listener”  but he adds in that “listeners are somehow wrapped up so tightly in how great the site is for them, that they don’t see how it affects the artists”

Sloan makes a good point: While fans love it and share it, like this user American Nomad, they are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes with the business aspect of it all.

Happy fan

Nomad, American (Coffee_n_mtns). “Finally got a Spotify!” 4 April 30, 7:38 p.m. Tweet.


My Public Service Announcement on the matter…. for those of you who aren’t bored of me yet:

So with all of this information, I implore you to follow your favorite artists on twitter, Facebook, buy the premium account on Spotify, purchase cool t-shirts or posters on the bands website, and stay updated about concerts or shows coming up in your area. These little things are ways that we can support artists in ways that they profit from so that they continue their careers. And for you Black Keys fans out their check out their awesome website as well as their Twitter! The Keys will be headlining the 2014 Hangout Music Festival and have many other upcoming tour dates.

Or you can even purchase a premium account and encourage your friends to do the same. Here is a video about Spotify Premium and all of its benefits for those of you who are interested!! If we can more people to pay for premium Spotify could make some extra money and hopefully feed that right back to the artists to make up for the previous lack of pay. And to be honest the 10 $ a month for unlimited songs is so much better than 1.99$ a song on iTunes.

Yours truly, A fan, trying to spread the good vibes.

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