Ride to Freedom

The brand new 2014 Jeep Cherokee
The brand new 2014 Jeep Cherokee

Jeep has seem to outdone themselves again they have recently introduced the brand new 2014 Jeep Cherokee.

The 2014 Cherokee might look a little to polished, but don’t let looks fool you. The all-new Jeep is loaded with newest technology and the ride and handling are superb so when your adventurous side kicks in you are all set to go.

Jeeps theme “Built Free” is targeted to the car as well as the driver behind the wheel.

Jeep dug up a rare song by Bob Dylan titled “ Motherless Child, it was recorded at NYC Gaslight Club in 1962. The song is deep and Dylan’s voice is moody. The visuals display an imagery of freedom-the Cherokee traveling over rivers, deserts, mountains and the wide-open road. The voiceover says “ And little by little it changed. People told you things. Where to go. What to do. Little by little, the world started to feel smaller” In the background you hear Dylan’s raspy voice singing, “Motherless child run a hard road your mother is dead.” All of a sudden it all hits you. You stop and think about your own life how free you felt when your mother was by your side. When she died your life started to change. ” Your Father will do the best he can. But he jus’ does not understand”, you grew up and became a man, but you are frustrated because your father just couldn’t understand what you were feeling and he would hold you down. You need to find that freedom you once had in order to see what kind of person you are and what kind of person you want to be.

stuck at the 9-5 everyday

Then the imagery reflects upon Dylan’s lyrics -children playing carefree, exploring new things and ideas. The imagery suddenly changes and brings us to adulthood- adults in the workforce frustrated, smashing computers, stuck in a 9-5 they hate.

There are many people who don’t understand why Jeep chose this song to help entice consumers to buy this car, since the lyrics of the song seem to be emotional and dark for your standard car commercial. But it was a very smart move by Chrysler when they chose Bob Dylan’s song “Motherless Child” to sell the 2014 Cherokee. Although it may be a little on the emotional side, it stills sends a strong connection to the viewer and that connection will help Chrysler sell their cars.

“The Jeep brand has a rich history steeped in the unrelenting pursuit of freedom,” Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer of Chrysler Group, said in a statement. “The return of Jeep Cherokee and the ‘Built Free’ campaign serves as a reminder that we can fulfill our daily responsibilities and still follow our innate desire to explore new and different experiences.

As the clock ticks and time start to close in on you and you feel your freedom being sucked away- rest assure that behind a Jeep Cherokee you will feel the freedom of your youth and that the road ahead holds limitless possibilities.



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